NASTY Chess Trap

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  1. Thanks. I checkmated my opponent in 12 moves after watching this video

  2. he could've blocked with the knight tho, right?

  3. Im play this game using blitzkrieg tactic

  4. Wait why couldn’t black use the knight in front of the king to block the check from the graduated pawn

  5. Black can defend the check with the knight

  6. I have made a chess game with someone and I hit 90 accuracy without cheats. Wow!

  7. How to save urself if this happend knight c8 knight is protected by the queen but u lost queen and u dodge the checkmate done

  8. He said no because he already has to many girls to count

  9. Also knight next to a king: I'm gonna ruin this man's whole career

  10. Never works I used it and lost 100 elo would not recommend

  11. Couldn't black just defend the king with the e7 knight

  12. Couldn't black block queen check with kight?

  13. Now they block with the knight not the queen, and here i say "shit here we go again didnt go as planned".

  14. Thanks, Levy! One of my opponents fell for my trap and I was able to win easily.

  15. It’s all fun and games until your opponent doesn’t follow with your plan.

    Based on a True Story

  16. After watching this videos whenever I try to implement it the opponent will make most random moves and I end up loosing the game🥲

  17. Wait ehat happens when they protect with knight at the end instead of the queen

  18. If you are reading this comment, you are now breathing and blinking manually

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