NEVER LOSE in the Opening (5 Key Opening Principles)

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NEVER LOSE in the Opening | 5 Opening Principles

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If you’re looking to learn how to play chess and improve your Elo rating – watch out – this video might make you lose brain cells!

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  2. me who plays the bongcloud (meme opening)

  3. 'Today you are gonna play 5 vital chess opening principle'

    Me: bruh i only know 1 opening, london system

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  6. The F Pawn, more like the "(censored) pawn"

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  8. finally the kids on roblox will pass 100 elo (not 1000)

  9. Hey top chess! There’s someone named @Pepechess that made a video using your video (X-ray attack:#91) I just want to say he might want to collaborate soon! If he does,accept it. I heard he’s also famous! So,good luck for your channel!

  10. Thanks for advising for the systematic opening tip❤I'm 1900 elo and i play the London system so everyone,here who are 1000 elo or below,learn systematic openings,stop doing tricks because it can make you fall in risk😊

    Please like so that lower elo dudes can see this❤

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  12. Before the comment section get flooded, let's talk about The Cow (Anna Cramling opening)

    1. You don't control the center
    2. You move the Knights 4 times in the opening
    3. You develop your pieces too passively
    4. Can be easily countered with the h-pawn (or a-pawn)

    Your thoughts and opinions?

  13. Bro please make a separate video on nimzo indian we will love it please please bro❤

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  16. One time you teached me the the most powerful opening

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  19. I dont want to decrease rating to 1000

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  21. 2:46 Wait rooks are minor pieces now? Then why do people criticize my a4 -> h4 -> a5 -> h5 -> bring rooks out? Isn't that developing two powerful minor pieces?


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