Nimrod’s Chess Tricks | Against Damiano Defence

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  1. Alright. One down, now to find someone who plays like this cuz you can just block with the freaking pawn when the queen checks the first time💀💀

  2. حلوه الروايه دي وصوتك احلا ❤

  3. Bro why did you not take the queen

  4. The pawn moved diagonal instead straight

  5. I guess the pawn can’t take take the queen

  6. damiano defense is worst defense can you do

  7. Pawn takes queen on e5 bada bing bada boom, problem solved.

  8. People watch normal
    Me : are you blind…..take the queen… Plssss 😭✨

  9. What kind of pitiful performance was that?

  10. Chú ý còn tốt trắng cậu bé đi Sai rồi😂😂😂

  11. Бро думает что он выиграл

  12. Bro why didn’t you take the queen with your pawn?!?!?!!

  13. How did he took the pon is that leagle

  14. Как он конём срубил?

  15. I didn’t know my man know en passant keep it up

  16. chess 2, the sequel to chess, has been leaked

  17. Ампосан так не работает

  18. How did little bro do that like seriously tho isn't that illegal crossing like that with the pawn

  19. Он тронул короля обязан ходить

  20. Put this soundnas effect to bot that trolls

  21. I'm the only one who doesn't understand why he didn't cut down the queen with a pawn?

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