Nimzo-Larsen Trap: Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST #Shorts

A Famous Trap in the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack Opening to WIN Fast. This Chess Opening Trick was played in a grandmaster game between Adhiban Baskaran (white pieces) & David Navara (black pieces) in the prestigious MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 2021 organised by Chess24.
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  1. I would've absolutely made the same blunder

  2. Bro if black plays b5 there is no checkmate why did he resign

  3. What if the black knight takes up white knight instead of moving the black bishop to threaten the knight (white) ??

  4. But if the bishop cut the knight it will not be a checkmate

  5. I would say the castle was a very bad move for black

  6. Why he does not attempt Queen to attack Queen can cut his pawn and easily come back

  7. If black bishop capture knight then it's not easy check mate..

  8. Rather than e4.
    D6 was the best move for black 🤔

  9. This will only work if the black will take the pawn

  10. I tried to imitate this and he didnt defend his pond and i ate it with bishop and lost

  11. Bishop can take knight
    So bishop can stop checkmate 😱
    Please tell me

  12. What happen if knight took back to its before attacking position 😆

  13. Black ko Qf6 chalna chahiye tha tab kuch ho sakta tha 😎😎😎

  14. pawn ko aage bda do chutiya tha resign kr diya jo

  15. Couldn't black just do bishop F5 and take the knight?

  16. What if black played bishop f7 instead of resigning ?

  17. Why didn't he take the pawn with his queen??

  18. Bishop could kill the night in last yaar …

  19. bro this helped me so much and I got
    a contest is Chess wish me luck

  20. Boss hum chess me tempo ka word kyun use करते है

  21. If he wanted to keep the game going a bit longer they could go queen f6

  22. moral of the story : When AD plays b3 ,then resign immediately

  23. can you give tips for how to even make stratagy for my friend's btw he just shoots random bullsh*t and checkmate

  24. Bishop to C5 was much better than pawn to C4 !

  25. My only question why didn't the opponent play the pawn in front the the rook and thats how you get fooled lol

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