One Chess Opening against ANYTHING!

Czech Defense: One Opening against anything

The Pirc Defense system with the pawn move c6 allows you to defend against almost anything white plays against you. This system is easy to understand and to memorize.

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Enjoy The Video!


  1. I always play this opening with minor changes the line I like is named black lion

  2. You explain very good. Is easy to remember when you explain. Keep doing that.

  3. i started to use caro kan as black opening 3 months ago, and my ELO dropped from 1200 to 870 till now.

  4. What if he puts his other knight in between the pin that you have created by ping the knight to the queen or he can just put his bishop in between

    Please correct me if I am wrong

  5. Hahah ….look my game brother 🔥

  6. I love this video I refer to it often thank you

  7. i love how ur voice sounds❤ anyways good video i usually use alkelhines opening and it usually works! meanwhile this opening just works all the time.

  8. Thanks, bro, I've been struggling to defend against this consistently and now I feel like I understand it much better

  9. Back for watching again – this is pure gold! ❤

  10. Thanks a lot! I just subbed. I am wondering what to do if I am White and Black plays pirc/kings indian against me! Could you (or did you, already) make a video from the White side? Thanks!

  11. What about an early h3 from white? Then what? You know, the move that the computer always makes that these type of videos conveniently never cover.

    What if 1. d4 d6 2.e4 Nf6 3. Nc3 c6 4.Nf3 Qa4 4.Bd2 Qc2 5.h3 ?? how does black develop from here and why don't you cover that move at all in your video?? Should black play e5? Fianchetto? Something else? What? This is the problem with these chess videos right here. Sounds good until the computer makes the one move that destroys the whole plan – which it always does every single time – usually within 3-4 moves. But hey, if it gets clicks then, mission accomplished….

  12. thank you for showing scenarios where white dont castle. I am a 300 in blitz and ppl rarely castle 😂

  13. Yeah, that works great … if your opponent plays the wrong moves. There are a lot of ways for white to lose this opening, but just playing the most popular moves will get white through it just fine, even with an advantage. Taking the second most popular moves at key points will work even better for white. For example, after 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 c6 4.Nf3 Qa5 5.Bd2 Qc7, white's most common move is Bd3, not Bc4, but Bc4 works just fine. After 6.Bc4 B5, white should retreat to Bd3, not Bb3. But OK, Bb3 is the more common move, so let's continue with 7.Bb3 b5 8.Na4 Nxe4 9.Bxb4, then what? 9…e4? is a mistake, because after 10.dxe5 dxe5 11.Bxf8, and now black won't be able to castle. 9…Ba6 might look good, but white just plays 10.Ba3. It is not the most active square for the bishop, but it is attacking near the center, and it also keeps black from advancing the queen's side knight. The two sides are even on material, white has all his minor pieces developed (while both black bishops are still on their starting squares, and the dark-square bishop isn't even able to move yet), and white has the only pawn in the center. His position is much more open. He will probably castle (on either side) in the next couple of moves, then bring his rooks to the center, and things look good for white. Stockfish rates the game as +0.4, and it seems to me that is a conservative estimate. There aren't many games in Lichess database with this position (662 with all options on) after 9.Bxb4, but those that exist are won by white 55% of the time, compared to just 41% for black.

    I haven't looked through the 1.d4 and other opening moves, so I will not comment on how well it works for those, but I would not use it for king's pawn openings.

  14. With 1.d4 d6 2. c4 you can go into the English Rat by playing e5! That might appear crazy, but look at the win percentage of the resulting lines in Lichess.

  15. This was a very good lesson. I will need to watch it more than once. Liked and subscribed. 👍

  16. I went from 1600 yo 1300 by playing this opening.

  17. I don’t agree this opening will win against “anything.”

  18. notre maître est francophone, est-ce qu'il y a un canal d'échec en français?

  19. all beautiful when i play it i end up with double pawns all the time

  20. This is great. Its really helpful to hear you talk through all the ifs and buts and possibilities. 'Assess the threat and deal with it': my new chess mantra!

  21. Can't believe the chess bot in chesskid play this opening

  22. Very nice lesson and I got good results with good players. Thanks and regards.

  23. A very enjoyable introduction to this opening. I've been playing the King's Indian… but this gives me some great ideas to move forward with!

  24. Hi there among all the people on line I try to learn from you are by day the best I have seen thank you so much you make it easier to understand and follow have you dome one one the lii ok London jobava I would like to learn

  25. I downloaded an AI chess game and he foils every move every time.
    The AI doesn’t even do any move you predict by white.
    It seriously does something completely different and trumps any move you offer in this video.

  26. What’s funny is if you play the Czech Pirc defense against the London system, you almost always end up winning a bishop by move eight or nine, because you push your central pawns to threaten a fork and a lot of times they’ll move their bishop to f5 to avoid it, then you push your pawn to attack the knight anyways and discover the attack on the hanging bishop. In a bullet or blitz game, they will forget that your queen is there and you win.

  27. I believe this opening is a variation of the Old Indian Defense?

  28. I friggin love this guy. I admit that I learned how pieces move as a kid and didn't pursue chess like one should. I admit that only after my son came home one day and asked if I knew how to play, and if I ever heard of Gotham chess, I picked up the game after 2 decades. What this guy teaches for absolutely free is so far above and beyond the other sites that I literally check daily for his next upload. I was actually worried that he met his demise due to all the wars and rumors of wars. This guy is absolutely dynamite at chess and we are all lucky to know his content.

  29. The other move is pawn e6, I won literally 30 games in a row went up from silver 36 to silver 6.

  30. I tried this just now. On my opponent’s second move he broke from script. The heading says this works against almost anything but it only gave me my first move.

  31. Lovely! Exactly what I needed. Great lines.

    I play king's indian defence a lot but often end up in closed positions with less space and a sometimes a very bad position.

    Your moves c6 and Qa5 are game changing.

  32. @chessscape so what happens if they push their pawn to e5 after their knight on c3 is protecting their queen? so when it goes:
    d4, d6, e4, Knf6, Knc3, c6, than they push e5 attacking knight..

  33. Is there any thing like this on your vedios for white??if yes please give me the link. Thanks

  34. My favorite move as black… Pirc and king's indian defense.

  35. I really like this system I'm allot more comfortable with black

  36. This d6 opening followed by the Knight on f6 is in fact the PIRC Defense allowing to merge into the East indian with g6 followed by bishop on g7 onto the great diagonal.The rest is really instructive,as one can see how your thinking functions…Very good tutorial indeed…
    I wish I knew what is The ELO ranking of M.Chesscape!

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