Only The Best From The Best | Legendary Openings Speedrun 1

Hikaru plays a speedrun with only Legendary and Unbreakable Openings from the Tier List Video Series for Beginners that starts here: Legendary Opening Speedrun 1


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  1. I feel like when this account reaches like 1900-2000 or above, the games will be so good and so instructive + actually good openings will be used as well so this becomes a decent way to get some dank opening prep.

  2. So there are actually only two legendary openings, the Fried Liver and the King's something or other?

  3. Everyone is sick already of trash openings/tricks/gambits, bros really pulls out a legit speedrun this time

  4. “There goes the bishop… there goes the knight… and there goes the Queen” 😂😂😂

  5. In this speedrun Hikaru detaches all debuffs he had in previous ones

  6. Hikaru remember me when you become world champion

  7. We will miss the disrespect speedrun Hikaru…

  8. thankyou for this hikaru ❤ i really wanted you to look at these opening and traps in a Speedrun for us😍🔥

  9. Hikaru, you should make a blind speed that will be great!

  10. I heard Hikaru didn’t win because of the Dr Disrespect style videos he makes

  11. "Ok, hear me out:
    The queen is obviously a female, right?
    Every pawn can turn into a queen when they are at the other end of the board. That's pretty common knowledge, but here comes the kicker:
    Considering chess is an ancient game, and also considering in the olden times changing your gender wasn't common at all the pawns have to be female, alright?
    Pretty sexy, huh?
    So we established, that all pawns are female.
    But what about the other non-king pieces?
    A bishop, a horsey and an inanimate tower (well, it can move actually). All pretty unsexy.
    Buuuut, the pawns can turn into them!
    So they have to be female too. People still can't turn into horses or towers (even if they are trying), so I imagine them being sexy chicks in costumes. Like normal (sexy) halloween costumes for women.
    What does this all mean?
    The only male piece on the board is the king surrounded by sexy women. The king and his harem. A delicous image, it almost drives me crazy. And here comes the thing, that brings it over the top. The reason I can't play this game anymore as I am always too horny and distracted:
    Two kings and their harems fighting. Taking pieces aka capturing the other harem's luscious women and enslaving them to be part of one's own harem until one king has to give up, therefore doubling the size of your harem. Thirty (!) hot and willing women all ready for mating. Ready to do everything the king commands, just like on the battlefield, but this battlefield is in the bed.
    Oh boy, writing this made me too horny again. I gotta go and play a round of my private, personal version of this unbelievably arousing game.
    The people of the olden times really knew what's up."
    Wise man

  12. 7:35 that’s called the Impatience Gambit, you run your clock out from 3 minutes and hope your opponent gets bored and resigns

  13. You hung your queen! And the guy didn't even see it… 🙂

  14. There’s only two things I hate in this world; people who are intolerant of other people’s openings, and people who play the scandi

  15. This intro sure feels like non-streamer-awards copium.

  16. Hikaru you should do a speedrun where u sacrifice a minor piece so its not as crazy as the botez gambit

  17. Very like this speedrun.
    Go hikaru.
    Fan from indonesia

  18. This is quite possibly the greatest intro to a youtube video I have seen 😂. Youtube need to start awarding editors grammy

  19. I was hoping he would play the bongcloud to start it off FeelsBadMan

  20. You should wear a suit this speed run or something fitting the legendary theme that would be really cool

  21. i feel like i got insulted when he said

    You haven't watched any opening the levy and I taught on Youtube? LOL

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