Only The Best From The Best | Legendary Openings Speedrun 1

Hikaru plays a speedrun with only Legendary and Unbreakable Openings from the Tier List Video Series for Beginners that starts here: Legendary Opening Speedrun 1


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  1. Why does get a purple arrows and purple square highlights.

  2. This is super fun. I get to realize how stupid I am time and time again. V educational.

  3. Legendary openings or RUTHLESS AGGRESSION ??😂

  4. I thought the opening was real. Well if you seeing someone that you like to watch even with poorly edit its look so real

  5. I find it so curious that you sometimes call knights and the rooks as we do in Spanish; as horses and towers. Care to share as to why that is?

  6. I cant stop to think that a Blindfold speedrun, if done well, would be amazing

  7. Oscar nomination for best YouTube video icon and intro…

  8. I love the different opening monologues you have for these. Although, I will say, the botez gambit speedrun was the best. I still can’t get that stupid song out of my head… “heyyyyy what’s the matter with the bright red lights!!!”

  9. Amazing Hikaru 🎉 This speedrun is a great idea ❤

  10. Dirty dog this series is just a reason to destroy noobs and I aint mad at u lmao

  11. I am very disappointed. I had to watch a 30 second un-skippable ad of dungeons and dragons. Please fix, thanks.

  12. what was that reaction when he realized it was the flag of israel 😂

  13. Babe wake up, the new Naka speedrun just dropped

  14. I feel like the speed run starting at 500 is kinda just mean lmfao. Like, these poor 500s not knowing they're playing against one of the best players in the world.

  15. The exaggerated eye roll after e5 on the Scandi lmao

  16. "not a fan of religion" wow it's almost like Chess GMs are intelligent people

  17. hikaru wont let us speed run🤤

  18. I wish Hikaru would play legendary openings AND disrespect his opponents at the same time…

  19. Another Speedrun video! For those who live in the wrong timezone for live streams; thank god for YouTube VODs

  20. This is just playing good normal openings lol what's the point of this?

  21. 4:10 – Of course you get the Oscar. Oscars are about who you know, and you know xQc.

  22. I was looking for watching a tricks only speedrun again and then that video pops up and i was happy when i saw you play gambits such as fried liver jerome evans brings me old days

  23. An adoption speed run would be funny to watch, if it's possible. Challenging people to a set of 5 or so games straight and adopting people one after another 😂

  24. The acting blunders is hilarious. Damn love these speedruns

  25. My man crushed 3k elo players with garbage openings now he using legendary? So its basiclly using nukes against some rebals.

  26. I think the Disrespect speedeun has come to an official end and it’s time for another legendary speedrun series with a LEGENDARY name called “Legendary Openings” and the username is legendary in and itself as well! Only Hikaru things! Hit like if you like the comment👿

  27. I don't understand why do you need to do such kind of speedrun. It is just a waste of time.

  28. QxP 14:28 loved your expression after that loss of a pawn, the surprise sac! hehe Henry-Winkler style very natural acting.

  29. 21:07 based on the icons, this old guy is thinking, did I just lose to Gweneth Paltrow?

  30. The score update was more of a disrespect speedrun😂😂

  31. 1:57 Hikaru playing a 500 being all serious “guys, this is looking pretty good so far” 😂

  32. I literally don't care what others say, Hikaru is the best chess teacher on YouTube 🍍❤.

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