Openings in Fischer Random?! | Chess Openings Explained – NM Caleb Denby

National Master Caleb Denby looks the biggest opening successes and disasters from 2020 Champions Showdown | Chess 9LX, a Fischer random chess (also known as Chess960) event. Learn to identify weaknesses in the opening position.

Hikaru Nakamura vs Peter Svidler, Champions Showdown Chess 9LX (2020)

Alireza Firouzja vs Hikaru Nakamura, Champions Showdown Chess 9LX (2020)

Wesley So vs Alireza Firouzja, Champions Showdown Chess 9LX (2020)


  1. This must be one of the best chess lectures I ever saw. Thanks a lot!

  2. Let's call real/standard/original/regular chess as 'traditional' chess.

  3. Hahahhaha fisher hated theory soo much but here we are

  4. I thought I can escape studying openings by playing chess960 😂 I still like it tho

  5. As far as I know this could be the first ever lecture on Chess960 openings. Thanks.

  6. With due respect and appreciation of this much needed 960 content, why are you referencing opening systems from Basic Chess here? It seems to be completely pointless. Taking the time and energy to determine why and how the implications of "the Sicilian" or "the Caro-Kann" or any Basic Chess opening system do not apply any longer is a waste of expenditure. Its a given at the outset that the implications of any of those systems is naught because they are based on an entirely different configuration than the one at hand. Only strategy and tactics matter in 960. Applying Basic Chess opening systems to 960 is like saying: "if my bishop were over here Instead, I could proceed like this. But it isn't, so I can't." ?!

  7. For those wondering the Why behind this. Fischer is interviewed and asked. He says there are two kinds of players. The theory (memorizing) players & the talented players. For decades, chess has been corrupted by games being prearranged before matches even start, to save energy for real important games, chess also is defined by theory… And theory and creativity do not go hand in hand. That's why Fischer invited Fischer random, there is no theory in this game, only creativity, and the only real talented players will stand out in Fischer random. Lots of people say Fischer is trying to destroy chess, but I think he is trying to save it.

  8. Awesome 960 video. Thanks . I cant believe I got exactly the same shuffle as in one of the super GM games you showed !!
    Also, more surprising that I managed to recognize that it was the identical position to in one of my 960 games !
    I feel I just unlocked a part of my brain to memorize 960 starting positions. I now believe super 960 GMs of the future will learn to memorize all or some or most 960 opening positions.
    Does anybody know ?, how to be able to browse and keep all positions of 960 on the PC to access and view . ?
    Which must be used in actual 960 tournaments right ?. I would like to start looking at the various starting positions. And I'm sure I could also categorize the 960 positions into relevant subgroups. Thanks again. Massive 960 fan . I like to play 10/0 960 or 3/2 960. (Fischer Random just like a normal chess game only crunchy.)

  9. Thanks very much, this lecture is awesome, and very inspiring, pkease teach how to deal with the most xommon variations for white and black compketed with the winning result. Where should we spot every piece properly ? Please give many exercises as the random chess is very rare in the chess book as well as at the tournament. Please, I have subcribed to your channel. Please write it down as the internet often stuck and has low quality audio devices. Again, thank you very much, God bless you Coach.

  10. 15:00 lol I saw this move in a couple seconds because I lost to stockfish with this same idea of losing to 2 knight moves.

  11. So far, the best video about chess960 I've found. Great job!

  12. Wtf why call it real chess? Is he calling this fake chess?

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