paulw7uk chess v 1602 win early piece end nice mate

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on we win a trapped piece early on and managed to convert the win with a good 95% accuracy, no blunders and a nice checkmate. full game on channel: – game on


  1. Are you IM? If you are, how long did it take to achieve that?

  2. hey what are your perfekt move percentages per game

  3. I don’t really play chess but your content makes me want to get better at it

  4. This man literally takes the same time to move a piece as i land 10 moves lol

  5. I don't want google to find out my name says:

    After you took the rook you should have played Knight to g5 to win the Bishop as Bishop takes Bishop would result in you getting a skewer on the queen, I think?

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