Play the Caro-Kann! | Chess Openings Explained – NM Caleb Denby

National Master Caleb Denby profiles the Caro-Kann Defense. See his preferred way to play this Black opening, backed up by elite players.

Gawain Jones vs Jeffery Xiong, St Louis Summer A (2019): B12 Caro-Kann, advance variation

Alexey Shirov vs Anatoly Karpov, Las Palmas (1994): B12 Caro-Kann, advance variation

Dmitry Jakovenko vs Pavel Eljanov, Russian Team Championship (2010): B12 Caro-Kann, advance variation

Alexander Grischuk vs Evgeny Ilgizovich Bareev, Corus Group A (2003): B12 Caro-Kann, advance variation


  1. High quality of chess lecture..
    Low quality of sound..

  2. Great explanation Caleb. Please do the Najdorf next

  3. Thank you Caleb for the video and also for having changed the board which is much better to look at 🙂

  4. one question what do you recommend against the main move c4 in the h4 variation instead of bishop d3

  5. Made some GREAT STRESSES over key move.

  6. This is so good. Thank you so much, NM Caleb Denby!

  7. turn your audio up, I have to have high volume to listen which makes commercials a very unpleasant experience because their audio is very high in comparison to your audio.

  8. I've tried this opening instead of the Sicilian now, with excellent results. Thank you!

  9. Would like to see coverage of the advance variation where white plays h4 early. Tough to stop!?

  10. Caleb's audio is always terrible… Dunno what's up with that… But it'd be great if that could get sorted

  11. I'm getting tired of hearing Daniel King's ads for "Chessable" chess study courses. Young people should take up a musical instrument or learn a foreign language or learn carpentry. But chess? It's a damned game!! I don't own a single chess book and I'm roughly a 2000 player. Just play for fun. No need to study it and I venture to say there are many things to study that should supersede chess.

  12. I love Caleb Denby. A great player that isn't too up himself. <3

  13. But, but, but, Benny says "Caro-Kann is all pawns and no hope", lol. Nice video as always.

  14. Someone told c5 at 5th move is actually bad move, it could run into c4 by white and black will have pretty bad position. Check out Kestony's video. He told to play Ne7, Nd7, and when white plays c3 it will be safe to play c5. If white didn't play c3 (potentially c4), so black should develop his dark squared bishop by fianchetto on g7.

  15. Denby kinda looks like Dendi xd great video

  16. Very high quality lecture on what has become my favorite e4 opening, because it has so many similarities to the Slav and Semi Slav, giving massive flexibility for black from the get go. Very instructive video, thanks

  17. Teaching chess seems so natural for this guy. Looking forward to watching more!

  18. This is a fantastic video! Much appreciated!! 😁😁

  19. 32:03 When Kd4 happens I'm wondering why a6 is played (or the knight exchange)? The knight was the only protection for the pawn on e5. Why don't we just take the free pawn? Since it wasn't played I can only assume I'm missing something but I don't see it!

  20. I played the f3 line and won a great game, 97.7% acc!

  21. this is very very good. Now I am readly to go try it and probably get hurt at first a lot due to it iwill be new to me, but later I will win

  22. Gosh, this audio makes the video nearly unwatchable.

  23. HOw are people able to hear this? You need a 1000 watt stereo or something.

  24. 27:38 :

    "But lately, I realized, black has just a bit more fun…"

    Proceeds to drag the king 3 squares up in a diagonal

  25. Thanks I'm studying this opening for tournament this saturday.

  26. Simpley and professional comment

  27. Thank you for an amazing opening lecture on the Caro-Kann!

  28. This is a very good presentation. Thank you Caleb!

  29. Switched from the Sicilian to the Caro a couple of months ago and have never looked back

  30. Currently trying to become more experienced with the Caro Kann for black and the London System for white

    Is it possible to mention the timestamp of moments that you review the keypoints after each stage in the video caption.
    I need to see them more than one time.

  32. This is unwatchable with the audio as it is. Please fix and repost.

  33. 35:58, forgive me if I missed a tactic, but after black’s move, can’t white also play Bxh6? This was the first move I saw and I don’t see a good refutation here. I thought perhaps taking the other pawn was better.

  34. Just tell us the basics of where to put your peices in a normal game and simple strategy, why does everyone show ages in to a game just teach us the very basics so we can play!

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