Powerful Gambit to Win Fast in the Bishop’s Opening [TRAPS Included]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a secret opening variation in the Bishop’s Opening that will give you a crushing and winning attack in no time, even against experienced opponents!

It is similar to the King’s Gambit, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nc6 3.f4. We can say that it’s an improved version of the King’s Gambit for two reasons: 1) Black cannot play d5 because of our c4-bishop 2) We can use the f-file to attack the f7-square along with our bishop on c4.

This variation is also known as the Bishop’s Gambit from the King’s Gambit Accepted variation, which has the following move order: 1.e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3.Bc4.

► Chapters

00:00 Bishop’s Opening, Crushing Attack to Win Fast
00:51 3.f4, Aggressive King’s Gambit Style
02:05 1) If Black plays 4…Qh4+
04:29 2) If Black plays 4…Nf6
06:25 Powerful & winning attack for White
07:24 Can you find the winning move for White?
08:05 3) If Black plays 4…d6
09:19 Castling queenside for a crushing attack

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  1. Enjoy your vids. Some of these attacking bishop opening vids are so good that I kind of want to see vids simply based on defending against them. That is, I'd like to know the smartest ways to not be beaten by someone who uses these ideas against me. Anyway, thanks.

  2. I play the bishop opening a lot with great success .. but this gambit idea looks nice to shock opponents .

  3. Thanks, but why should black 2. … Nc6 , when the natural and most obvious reply is 2. … Nf6, and after the thematic 3.f4, black can now do the natural 3. … d5 and is better in every line, white's opening already refuted. The transposition into King's gambit is an interesting idea, however good for white only against an unprepared black.

  4. 1. e4 e5 2. bc4 nc6 3. f4 pxp 4. d4 nf6 5. nc3 bb4 6. gne2 nxp 7. 0-0 nxn 8. pxn be7 9. bxp+ kxb 10. nxp my move is rf8. I feel rf8 is much better then bf6. getting to g8 with the king is a must. I want to know what plan you had, do you still go nh5?

  5. Hello! Is there any such thing as a practice opening engine calculator? There are times that I’d like to practice lines such as this, but by the time someone takes the bait I usually forget about the lines.

  6. d5, Qxg7+ (protected by pin and knight)
    if Ke8, Re1+ If Be5 block, or Be6, or Qe7 block kf6# or Rx#

    If Ke6, Re1+
    IfKd6, Bf4#
    If block with knight kxf6 to protect the queen now that the bishop is unpinned and go on a king hunt if blocks with bishop kf4+ and king hunt

  7. I'm trying to learn this, and sometimes it works well and sometimes a disaster. knight to c6 is definitely my least favorite response to the bishop's opening.

  8. At last! I get to play the King's Gambit while avoiding the lines I don't like! Playing it for years just for fun, but might try this Delayed King's Gambit/Vienna Game/Whatever It's Called in an upcoming tournament.

  9. 7:57 why take castle with queen? Just take castle with castle.

  10. Only problem I see is I think a lot of opponents would just love qa4 right after, king is in check, they capture pawn, and have nothing to give up on it

  11. Bishop opening is fun however you should never continue with a king gambit as it only works against weak players, check with the Queen right away and then Queen back to D2 put white in trouble

  12. I really like this BUT: what if when he eat the pawn on F4, then play pawn D6 and bishop G4 to pin the knight attacking his queen?

  13. WOW COACH THANK YOU FOR THIS! Can I call you coach from now on even if we do not personally know each other?

  14. ► Chapters

    00:00 Bishop's Opening, Crushing Attack to Win Fast

    00:51 3.f4, Aggressive King's Gambit Style

    02:05 1) If Black plays 4…Qh4+

    04:29 2) If Black plays 4…Nf6

    06:25 Powerful & winning attack for White

    07:24 Can you find the winning move for White?

    08:05 3) If Black plays 4…d6

    09:19 Castling queenside for a crushing attack

  15. I've been playing chess consistently since 2018. I fell in love with the bishop opening when I saw your video and since then it's the only opening I'm using (with urusov and nakhmanson gambit), the positions it creates are always so interesting!

  16. Awesome video! This is DEFINITELY becoming part of my repertoire!

  17. Thanks for this GM Smirnov. After a good deal of initial research and experimenting with the bots, the Bishop's opening seems the most promising. I might be misplaying the London, but that gets mixed results for me. Bishop's seems to yield a better transition to the Middlegame, a quick castle if necessary and some attacking possibiilities. So far it is my #1 candidate for tournament play until I can get my head around the KIA or Fischer-Sozin. Looking forward to taking your courses.

  18. 4…Qh4+, Kf1, …d6 (since obviously White is threatening Ng1-f3), Nf3 Bg4! with a clear advantage to Black who is up a pawn and an exchange of Queens ends any hope of a White attck.

  19. Great video once again from Igor. Move at 7.36 Qg7

  20. Diabolical tactic moves and different as standard moves…great as always and very instructional 👏👌👌👌

  21. Qxg7+ Ke8 and ph7 drops off. Afterwards h6 and the Rook is nearly lost, can hardly be defended, and there is a threat of Re1+. For example: Qxf7+ Ke8 Rexf6 Rxf6 Bg5 and Ra1 is free for entering the fight and the Rf6 drops off, too

  22. Dear Igor, for us — non-native speakers — you speak too fast and your accent does not help either.

  23. I am still a noob and whenever I want to try these things I play against people who do the most random moves and I get confused haha

  24. Igor, I love your videos buh I think u are too focused on traps and tricks.
    At the grandmaster level, they don't lean on traps and tricks all the time.
    I just suggest that u mix your content up a little bit

  25. Can you put the answer to your quiz at the end of the video description?

  26. And then, you are simply winning! Lol, never seen me play then…

  27. Aggressive opening! Only one mistake and you are doomed

  28. Oh Igor, thanks a lot again! As a Italian that was exactly was I was looking for! 😊👍♟

  29. I do think about all this information you give which is very useful of course in actual games opponents don’t always make the moves you expect but I hope I learn something from your strategies to make my game better Thanks Igor

  30. Excelente!!! Muy buen video con la apertura de Alfil

  31. Thank you so much GM Smirnov! You are so generous teaching/sharing you ideas how to learn & play Chess.

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