Punishing Amateur Mistakes in Popular Chess Openings | Speedrun Episode 19

Beginner to Master Speedrun Playlist:

In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I try to climb the rating ladder while providing lots of lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I play 3 instructive chess games that feature some important beginner lessons, especially in the opening


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  1. Eric, I love your channel. Especially this "Speed Run" playlist. I have been a casual player for over 50 years. (my dad taught me when I was 5). Anyway, I have found myself in the position to TEACH chess to beginners in after school programs. A couple of questions for you, please. 1. What program are you using to show the annotations during your games? I'd like to make a few simple videos for my kids with the same software?2. I'm teaching classes of over 10 children or more at a time. From you experience, how do you enroll one or two children in a one-on-one chess coaching class if the parents ask me about this. I have a few pretty good players, that want to go the next level, and I'm afraid that would NOT me teaching the next level 😅. Thanks.

  2. Crazy how effortless these games are to you. Great content man.

  3. Hey Eric, do you ever play the Rousseau Gambit at all? It's so tricky.

  4. Did you miss a checkmate at 7:57 when he played queen e1? You could've played bishop b4

  5. After watching your videos my rating 650 to 760 in 2 day ❤

  6. I'm actually impressed how many people on this (my) level know opening theory. I really only know 3 moves or so

  7. Forgive me but, at 6.30 in the first game, could you not have played Queen to E3, instead of Knight to F3? Given that the knight protected E3 and E5, why is that not checkmate right there? Still learning …

  8. Thank you very much for the great games and very good teaching of chess!

  9. 27:20 (…) "kind of accepting the fact that I won't be mating so soon".☠🍷😩

  10. No "gg" after the games?
    What has the world come to? 😮

  11. i googled how the knight move but im still confused
    should i put how the horsey move instead??

  12. I love how I can understand the games and the opponents mind. I’m I a forever 1100😢

  13. What do you mean by a "move like f6"? There is f6. And there is not f6. What is a move "like" f6????

  14. Ohh can’t wait to watch this one! So many Rosen vids out lately

  15. i just watched the full thing feeling like a 15m video

  16. At 6:23, what's the engine line if white plays pawn to g3? I assume black has to capture with the pawn, but at that point it blocks the check, so white has some time to bring in reinforcements (like Qc3). White isn't in good shape but doesn't seem immediately lost.

    I assume I'm missing something obvious.

  17. I don't understand why every 2nd move by white has some opening name. OH, he played the Zurich opening. OH look, he's going for the Skyrizi opening! How novel! I mean… why label everything. Can't you just look and calculate each time what a good move is? Is this opening name memorizing really necessary to counter or play good chess? Can you just boil this all down to lining up pieces so that their lines of attack intersect the most other pieces?

  18. 11:11 why not Q to e2? That way pawn can't take knight and if his other knight attacks q by taking pawn, you just take with other knight being attacked by that pawn. That wouldn't work?

  19. 20:30 which contradicts your mantra of "if the opponent gives you a free piece, take it"

  20. Greetings from the future. Enjoyed the relentless no mercy chess. See you later, or earlier.

  21. I’ve never used twitch. Can you put you put a link in here?

  22. Eric can you please put chess table more than half screen? If we are on small screens, we could better to see the moves. Thank you!

  23. You gotta chill on your win streak or Kramniks gonna call you out Eric

  24. Rosen is the best chess creator. Levi can be too hyper and Nadya can be too intense/serious.Rosen is the guy you watch when you're just relaxing or trying to get some sleep, and suddenly you've been calmly sucked into an ~hour long video without even realizing, it's beautiful – keep it up

  25. Brad must have just watched Levy's video and was completely lost after Eric didn't play into the gambit.

  26. Thumbnail looks like a mugshot at the police station.

  27. Fantastic explanations, Eric! Thank you. — I educate my clients regularly. Your understanding of speaking at a level that anyone can understand cannot be overestimated. You make me a better professional as well as a better chess player. Cheer!

  28. Sooo many speedrun vids, we are too lucky! Best series!

  29. lol I’m forever in a Rosen yt video… love it

  30. Thank you for these videos. I know I gain much from watching your games and hearing your thinking process

  31. Another great entry into the series. I've watched a few other speedruns and yours is by far the most educational, and frankly, the most humble. I've learned so much just by watching you think out loud. Really appreciate your effort here.

  32. Thanks Eric! I think I am addicted to your speedrun videos. Playing chess seems so easy. Greetings from Italy. Stefano

  33. Its quite surreal watching you calmly and kindly calculate the most devastating way of punishing an opponent's hopelessly lost position.

  34. This is the best speedrun!! Your analises of the openings after the game are amazing, thank you!!

  35. Love the series, commenting on every vid to say thanks!

  36. Seeing the chat scroll at the end brought a smile to my face. Hello, Twitch!

  37. eric finishes beating the crap of out everybody
    Eric: that was a pretty easy game
    puts on sunglasses and does a kick flip before skating out of the room with a 7-eleven big gulp

  38. 28:44
    "a braindead move"… oof, yeah who would've thought a move like that am I right? 😅

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