Punishing Beginner Mistakes | Ponziani Opening

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In this video I play a rapid chess game against fellow Twitch Streamer vengaard_live () who is a relatively new to chess— only been playing for ~3 months! In the game, I unleash the Ponziani Opening and proceed to show no mercy. I hope this game provides some instructional value when it comes to exploiting common beginner mistakes and using basic tactics to seize the advantage. Towards the end of the game (once I achieved a decisive material advantage) I put more of my focus towards answering various questions from the Twitch Chat. After the game, I provide some basic tips and advice and show how black could have improve the opening play against the Ponziani.
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  1. What rating were you by freshman year of high school?

  2. 14:07 Can someone explain why he took the queen with another queen instead of castling?

  3. me being a begginer sipping my tea in my eric rosen mug

  4. Eric is a man who is in a natural high. There are people born like that man! Let's call 'em 'Zen Men'

  5. I am excited by chess but your voice manages to make me bored…

  6. Rated over 1500 n played for only 3 months.. I doubt that completely

  7. That nf3 on move 16 was awesome, I was expecting O-O-O to move the king out of the center and defend the knight with the rook, but just moving the knight like that to both defend the d2 square he was on while simultaneously attacking the bishop was just amazing

  8. 9:08 queen f3. isnt that a better move.? to keep the attack on the horse

  9. What chess software/website is being used here?

  10. 11:40 if the opponent would have taken your knight with his rook instead with his bishop, you would have lost your queen, is that correct?

  11. At 7:52 why did you not move your knight to fork the queen and both rooks? Seemed better?

  12. At 5:13 why didn't the opponent put the queen at D5 he attacks the bishop/a queen exchange which will help him release the pressure from the middle/if ge didn't do a queen exchange he can attack the rook

  13. 9:55 im the type of player who couldnt resist bishop a6 and the check with the queen

  14. But why not the pawn fork?, 7 minutes 23 sec, btw now i know because bishop lol

  15. The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies

  16. Hi Eric. Great content. I have been following for a while. thank you.
    I got a question – What software do you use to study or even here in your videos ? I like how you draw all the arrows and stuff? then the analysis and the feature of showing the best moves … What softare is this?? I tried lichess but doesn't seem to provide those features.

  17. Opponent: he's thinking about his next move
    Eric : lichess , leeeeeeeeeechesss

  18. honestly think that he should've mooved qeen to f3 at 9:00 cause that would retain pressure without risking the queen and rendering the pawn deffense useless

  19. The queen at 5:07 if we move the pawn from e4 to f3 will it be a good move? As it will be forcing a checkmate while still pinning the knight

  20. I can just imagine that the other guy playing is super focused, dripping sweat, smoke coming out of his ears as he tries to find the absolute perfect next move… And dude here is just sipping tea, talking about life. Lol

  21. I just got a AD for this exact game before this Video.

  22. "delayed stream snipe. I have to be careful what I say in the past" 😂

  23. Play me for 10k right now I smoke u in 15 moves

  24. your opponent is high rated too, but when you are plus 13 should be resigned, coz let alone plus 3 is resignable for me..

  25. "960 events, that's a lot of events, that's more than 950 events"

    This is how we get a chess genius, a math genius.

  26. This is exactly what I was looking for – chess with commentary. Never mind that the player was new. Thanks for making this video

  27. The black was capable of playing a little trick there, it was after the Queen pins the knight he could play a6 and after knight takes we play b5 so there the white player must saves his queen and he looses a knight for free.

  28. I definitely pronounce Lichess like the bits robot voice does. To imply that Lich is a masculine term and Lichess is its feminine form.

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