Rare but strong: Danish Gambit

Oops there’s nothing to put in the description sorry, but thanks for looking (I thought I could put something here)

I purposely made this video very short and basic because there’s no point in trying to learn all the different possible moves right in the beginning. Let me know if you want a more detailed video.


The danish gambit is a rather rare but strong opening because it’s ultra aggressive, making it fun to play against chess players who don’t know much opening theory.


  1. I love the idea the start was just straight up the queens gambit but with the e pawn

  2. And if they dont eat the second pawn you move queen to the right side 5 and then if he attacks the queen with pawn pin the rook with check 😎

  3. just wanted to say they can't hack you if they knew your private IP address, unless your brother next room who is threatening you xD

  4. 0:48 – Center game (Initiating Danish gambit)
    1:35 – Perfect Danish gambit position pros
    2:02 – Gameplan explained
    2:29 – Pawn attacks knight, and knight jumps forward (checkmate trap with queen)

  5. You renamed it twice

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  7. I am danish, I have no choice, but to use this opening 😅

  8. I remember using this against some 800 elo, bro got crushed

  9. is the Danish gambit just the queens gambit????

  10. I do not recommend it I've only kost once when I first played against this and everyone else got destroyed

    To destroy it yiu just beed to develop queen side pieces fast and castle their where no bishop is pointing and remember to check tehir king with the bishop first if they trade bishops you instantly win

  11. gambit stands for give away multiple pieces because it's totally awesome and fun lol 🙂

  12. Time to binge all of these. Aggressive openings and play are my thing; i have won with only my king, a single pawn, and a single rook when my opponent had their king, queen, 4 pawns, a knight, and a rook. You only need 2 pieces on the board to win, if you can play your opponent correctly.

  13. Ah, the perfect gambit for me. My opponent will have no trouble at all believing I am simply retarded (brain no function good) so I can bait them. Wonderful.

  14. I reinvented the danish gambit but with black, start with the queen pawn

  15. ngl a 10 minute video with more theory would be cool

  16. Love the video but there aren't 60 milliseconds in a second

  17. Newbie: Losing pieces
    Average: NOOOOO You must save your pieces
    Veteran: Sac your pieces

  18. This attack doesn’t win me anything. My opponents can refute the attack and so can I.

  19. Just tried this out immediately after watching annd trounced my opponent immediately. Very aggressive game.

  20. Few chess players will fall into this trap as this opening is well known

  21. Bro what if they not respond for first move?

  22. I love this style of openings video, please do Vienna gambit next ❤

  23. I thought the chess world hated shit lords who only enter tournaments to play meme gambits

  24. Just a protip: your vids are great and entertaining but you're not as big as you should because your thumbnails are dooky dogshit. They're trash. Like, I weep in the darkest hour of the night bad. Like, I'm praying in church for your soul bad. They look like the video is going to be some crusty agadmator looking Soviet grandpa who analyses positional draw games in a monotone voice for over an hour. Please do something about the thumbnails, I almost didn't find your channel because of it

  25. discover this strange,addictive channel for hovering youtube too long…

  26. Give me moreeeeee details

    I still remember your IP adress..

  27. @chesspage1 need more depth for ruy lopez!

  28. By the opening of the vid i think its ganna me more of a "military hired death row prisoners to sacrifice" than an aggressive gambit

  29. This is stupid, even 500 elo do not advance with a solo pawn this way.

  30. if an opening is this rare it's extremely common to have an inflated winrate

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