Schlatt loses a chess game in 2 moves

schlatt loses to alex botez in a game of chess
original vid:

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  1. no one’s gonna say that this was probably planned?

  2. the “Schlatt…” at the end is comedy gold

  3. She was totally going for the 4 move finish and when he opened himself for the 2 move finish she just said, "mmk, let's do that instead."

  4. This is so staged. Really wish I would have avoided this clickbait. I’m disappointed with myself. 😣


  6. Is it bad i have accidentally done this before

  7. Moving the G2 pawn is an immediate first cue for the shortest checkmate 😭

  8. This borders on my favorite video of all time

  9. heheheh, shes not going to see this one coming
    gets mated in 2 moves

  10. This guys is called 'schlatt' for a reason

  11. me with the grenade taped to a boomerang: "they'll never see this coming" (so I can't throw very well but the aerodynamic shape of the boomerang means that even if I suck I'll be able to hit my target)

  12. I have watched this an ungodly amount of times, and I still don't understand. She put the queen next to his pawn. That's not even a checkmate. Is there a special rule I just don't know?

  13. You are a different species my friend

  14. If the queens were replaced by amazons then fools mate would never exist. In other words if the queen could also move like a knight then fools mate would never be possible.

  15. What a king sacrifice. Beautiful beyond compare

  16. Light Yagami vs Columbo in a nutshell

  17. The best part is, she was gonna try and do the “check mate in four moves” strat… and ended up doing it in 2

  18. This is what he gets after playing the Barnes opening

  19. Bro found a second way to disappoint a woman in 10 seconds.

  20. There isn't actually a secret plan, right? Besides presenting a two move checkmate

  21. There are nearly 10 million variations in chess after 3 moves. Schlatt probably did it randomly and found the fastest checkmate in chess.

  22. ive done this too 2 people in PE class ha. was a charter school.

  23. This has to be fake he quite literally made the only move that makes it possible to lose in two moves out of 1327 openings

  24. Bro fell for the fools mate💀💀💀

  25. i know nothing about chess, could somebody explain what just happened like im 5?

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