Simple & Powerful Opening for Black – Pirc Defense | Best Chess Moves, Traps, Strategy & Ideas

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Pirc Defense – Here’s a simple & powerful opening strategy for black, which can help you beat your opponents & win more chess games. These chess opening plans, moves, tactics, tricks and ideas, will help you advance to a really solid middlegame. We’ll look at the Czech Pirc Defense and all the best moves in different variations (Classical, Austrian Attack, 150 Attack & Byrne variation) of the main line in the Pirc Defence. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Chess Openings – Introduction
0:48 Pirc Defense – First Moves
1:51 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for Black
4:46 About Skillshare
5:59 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for White
7:28 Pirc Defense – Main Lines
8:06 Pirc Defense – Classical variation
9:09 Pirc Defense – Austrian Attack
10:39 Pirc Defense – 150 Attack & Byrne variation
11:38 Chess Puzzle

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  1. plz dont give caption. we cant see the bord

  2. If white play directly dark square Bishop to B2. then we lose one tempo and white player get better position

  3. Ohh pra punjabi vich v kush dassa issa desi bandaa Ma ta video vakh ka samji jada va tera agga tarla mant va bass. Ooda ta tera kam siraaaa. Support from punjabi. Ane ka angaraji aundi manu 😂😅😅

  4. For puzzle Bg4 froke to the queen later followed by few steps we can get the queen

  5. When faced with d4, I play dutch defense(comfortable with it). Would you say it is a solid choice?

  6. This chess channel is huge how have i never found it before

  7. Remove text form vedio – not able to see 7 and 8 rank

  8. Ur subtles are more disturbing. Bcoz of that v r unable to watch

  9. It literally took 3 minutes to defeat my opponent i have the screenshot

  10. Can you help me on which colour square do the king be

  11. Bishop h6 may be the best move as we can take queen

  12. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Play dark Bishop to f5 attacking to black queen

  14. Please only speak can't see movement easy. Thanks

  15. What happens if the pawn doesn't move from d2 to d4?? Instead moves to d3

  16. Just watched this video, and played a few 3m blitz with black using this opening, you were 100% right, players were confused and lost time trying to understand, and then the queen line on one side and the knight on the other had them shook! Thanks for the lesson; I'm not a fan of playing with black but this has increased my power quite a bit. =D

  17. Puzzle: bg5 then queen moves f5 then jump in with your other bishop to d3 and the queen is trapped

  18. Awesome perspective and consideration of both sides. I always have this problem with certain players. I'm new getting back into the game of chess and my friend likes to play offensive. This seems to always give him the upper hand. This video helps alot so have your others.

  19. I find it☜. The best move is BG5♝
    Bye! ♕

  20. I unknowingly played it and my opponent just resigned 🤣😂😂

  21. Sir I want to play with u a chess match

  22. Could do a queen rook fork if get rid of bishop in the puzzle and good video

  23. 1:04 "Turn OFF subtitles for better experience" + Indian accent = Hardcore begins here

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