Smothered Mate Chess Brilliant

How to do the Smothered Mate? Chess Endgame Strategy You Must Know Checkmate Tricks

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There is a lot you need to know about chess
There is Chess Openings , Chess Tactics , Chess Sacrfices , how checkmate , Chess Fork , double attack , discover check , pining , Tricks , Endgame tactics , middlegame tactics , Chess Analysis , zugzwang , stalemate ,
There is different title levels CM candidate master , FM fide master , IM international master , GM grandmaster and they all by rating
There is pieces ( pawn knight bishop rook queen and king ) every piece has its move
you choose from white or black to play
i played a lot of tournments , i play queen’s gambit for white , sicilian defense for black

but if you want improve ask me in comment i will answer you

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  1. If black push its pawn to e6 instead of f5, the smothered mate will not occur but still winning for white tho

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