Solid & Powerful Chess Opening For Black Against 1.e4 [Tricks & Traps]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov presents to you one of the best chess openings for Black against 1.e4. The French Defense, which happens after 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5, is a solid and powerful chess opening for Black.

You will learn the key advantages of the French Defense, the logical reason behind every move of Black, key ideas in the opening, and attacking plans in the middlegame. You can play this opening against beginners and also advanced-level opponents.

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening For Black Against 1.e4
00:19 Why the French Defense is powerful
02:09 1) Advance Variation: 3.e5
04:00 Common mistake by White
06:19 If White plays Bd3 to prevent Nf5
10:49 If White plays Bb5, pinning Nc6
13:36 White loses castling rights or the bishop
17:26 Mainline played by experienced opponents
20:02 2) Exchange Variation: 3.exd5
22:02 3) Rubinstein Variation: 3.Nc3 dxe4

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  1. Plays French Defense …..gets invaded by Germany 😄

  2. Thank to you and l will needed to you for will giving me opening cilcilian and against cilcilian

  3. I like Caro-Kann…as Black
    Because I always ended up in cramped situation that leads to blunder…😂

  4. I think secilien defence are best 💪 secilien defence dragon variatin are very strong defence 💪

  5. Started watching your vdos few days ago and Now I'm feeling confident with whatever you explain. Thank you🌹

  6. What do you do against knight b3, pin it or attack the pawn again? which one is better.

  7. Great! This eliminates so many traps and attacks it's unbelievable. Several grandmasters beat Bobby Fischer with this French Defense. Thanks for good video

  8. Personally I prefer NF6 (which plays the waiting attacking game to 1.e4) or the Sicilian – Najdorf Or Dragon variation (both beginning with c5) or
    Schvengingen opening that is d5 to e4.

    – all most attacking opening replies by Black.

    But the Carokann and French defense are good too – the French defense however leads to a cramped game for the development of Black's pieces and delays castling for Black's King. The French defense is more defensive than attacking to 1.e4. Sicilian is the most attacking opening by Black against 1.e4 by games won by Black against e4 by history of chess.

  9. Congratulation. I sent 4 years to fond this idea

  10. The French n Caro Kann can transpose too..i will try to see a few french defense speed runs if available n then use it in my repertoire..thank u fir this.

  11. Perfect video!! veri solid opening😀😃😄

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  13. Lovely. I watched this defence and won against a stronger player in the first game! This defence gives black a solid opening base from which to launch an attack.

  14. Caro kann players be like i knew this all along but didn't😐

  15. 9:19 what if you follow up with knight g4, attacking the bishop. It has no squares to go and you can win the knight on d4

  16. Man, this video is so helpful, I was struggling with the caro kahn against 1.e4 with this defense es way more easy and solid for a beginner like me.

    just a litle recomendation: you should put the openning name on the title so people can be instantly awere of what is the video about, or for example if I'm looking for "french defense" videos and don´t see it in the title, I may not click on the video. Just a constructive opinion. Thanks a lot!

  17. I thought the French defense was to simply resign?

  18. Thanks. I never studied chess when I was younger, but sometimes I would play and I knew how all the pieces moved, but I didn't know much about traps or strategy. I watched a chess video and got inspired and began playing anonymously at an online chess website. I was having some success with a variant of the French defense, but had to look it up to llearn about it. I have already learned a lot from you and am only halfway through your video. Thanks for the lesson. I think I will like and subscribe.

  19. After i watched this video i got 100 accuracy 👏

  20. And what do you do if Whites second move is Qf3.. Played French defense alot and never seen this… What's the trick he's planning 😂

  21. OK, finally have to ask. Is he saying "this operation"? This "variation"? Every video it drives me crazy to make sure I am hearing it correctly.

  22. Ok so i have tried this ten times and nobody makes these moves this way or even close to it. My game isnt getting better its getting worse

  23. Bishop can still check the king after pawn D5

  24. I like your videos and it help me when I better play chess

  25. Really like your stuff. You're a great YouTuber, you're gonna be one of the big ones. Good luck! (and have fun 😄)

  26. Beginner chess player here, at 20:45 why would you play bishop to g4 when white can just go pawn to h3?

  27. Very interesting video – was going to skip it as I'm a Sicilian player, but in a change of heart I watched and learned quite a lot.
    In fact, some ideas in the French are quite similar to the e6 Najdorf variation – blocking the line of attack towards f7 (..e6) and securing the b5 square (..a6).

  28. As white, I've had great results playing the variation you go over at minute 18:00 (the Milner-Barry Gambit). However, I generally play the Horwitz Attack (Papa-Ticulat Gambit) to throw French Players off their game since few have seen it.

  29. Do I understand correctly, that French defense is better than French advance for similar low ELO players?

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