Super Rare Opening… But It’s Actually Good | Chess Opening

This video shows a strong chess opening (Halloween Gambit) that is barely played by anybody. If you want to learn how to win at chess, subscribe now! I teach Chessplayers how to improve their overall Chess Skills 🙂


  1. Tbh this opening looks good but if you mess up then all that 5% of advantage goes back down and you imediately lose your advantage and the game would be +3 for black

  2. I swear this channel is just Top chess but he is actually teaching instead of memes

  3. i dnt know that this move has a name.i am around 1600 and i used that opening a lot without seing idiot guide or books

  4. Meh, you fork the king and end up taking a rook at the expense of both knights. Not a great deal. If you don’t your knight can start getting harassed by a pawn. No idea why black would bring their knight out instead here.

  5. Bro just said 0.018 percent not it would not be that 😂💀 cause you get 1 million views 😂😂😂

  6. his brain is so big it could transform to anything

  7. I did because of your explaining method, thats hilourious🤣🤣

  8. This was highly entertaining and hilarious.

  9. Ay I'm good at chess cuz first I move all the soldier's forward it's a defence

  10. Bobby Fischer was right. Who else needs a thinking contest anymore, when you have engines and preplanned moves for everything? Chess960 is far more entertaining.


  12. The animal documentary music starting from 2:23 made my day…

  13. What if the queen kills the knight in the second scenario?

  14. Man if only chess opening videos where this concise, direct, and simple. For a first video this is absolutely legendary..

  15. wow i actually attempt this as black all the time, odd yet cool thats what its called

  16. why is everyone commenting this sentence?

  17. i have no soul. i saved this video for later. muahahahahahaa

  18. What if black goes Ng4 after capturing night

  19. When I attacked the knight and they played e5, they protected with their bishop to d6 and we played on

  20. I have played this 100s of times and I have never won it’s just a dumb move delete this video

  21. My girlfriend and I have most of our games start out similar to this (one of us bullying back the others pieces) but we get so fun and interesting games out of it, I love it so much

  22. Why is everyone commenting this sentence

  23. Why is everyone commenting this comment?

  24. why is everyone commenting this sentence?

  25. I too wanted to break the chains of conventional openings and engage in a hardcore thinking contest so I started playing chess960 lol

  26. why is everyone commenting this sentence

  27. Русскоязычный адвокат Давиде Побережский says:


  28. What website do you use to find those statistics on openings use and win % ?

  29. My opponent defended with queen to e7 and I end it up winning but I just was impro… what is good in that case?

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