Super Rare Opening… But It’s Actually Good | Chess Opening

This video shows a strong chess opening (Halloween Gambit) that is barely played by anybody. If you want to learn how to win at chess, subscribe now! I teach Chessplayers how to improve their overall Chess Skills 🙂


  1. It only work if the opponent dont know this gambit

  2. I made up the staunton gambit (d4 f5 e4) and just confused my opponent until i won

  3. "If u still think black is winning then your elo is probably lower than your IQ"😢😰

  4. why is everyone commenting this sentence?

  5. thx 4 video. I used this is strategy 5 minutes ago and I won.

  6. 1:20 Balack bishop will eat the pawn instead of playing Knight 😢

  7. The first time someone made this to me, I thought it was bad. I was right, I just traded pieces and was left with a clear material advantage. I get the idea but having Center is definitely not enough to win a game, after e5 « threatening » my knight I just pinned the pawn and condamned it to get exchanged

  8. I know it’s a robot voice and all but still, why and how did a pawn become a plon ?

  9. "why is everyone commenting this sentence"

  10. Oh my god man 😮❤❤❤ SUPERRRRRR !!!

  11. At 1.16 best would be knight to D5 attacking Queen and also fork at same time

  12. Wow I use this gambit before watching this video

  13. Your channel is literally heaven for chess player

  14. Ngl really good content but the opening is not really feasible for players above 2200 lichess

  15. Also great for casual over the board to make your oponent think you suck and don't think to hard.

  16. Why is everyone commenting this sentence?

  17. why is everyone commenting this sentence

  18. why is everyone commenting this sentence

  19. The opening where your two pawns in front of king and queen just choose violence

  20. IQ of the video creator is around 80 or so. Showing basic games from 1700-rated players on Lichess?
    Also, how often do people even play beginner's openings like 4 knights. Jeez boy.

  21. you confused = your opponent confused. it's bulletproof.

  22. Guessing that this percentage will go up and then a counter play will be devised.

  23. Out of all the chess channels out there this one is the most enjoyable by far. Good work!

  24. I absolutely love this, humour with the beauty of strategy takey takey

  25. oh wow wish I had found this sooner, awesome!

    also the way of explaining it… brilliant, loved it

  26. Russ Mitchell: Historical Fencer, Movement Expert says:

    I"m a duffer who gets his ass consistently kicked, but I love the attitude behind the play — it's the same "pull them relentlessly apart into terrible positions" play I teach my fencing students. TY sir, subbing.

  27. Why is everyone commenting this sentence

  28. I love this opening I actually played this opening once when i was 200 elo

  29. why is everybody commenting this sentence?

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