The 10 Greatest Chess Moves Of All Time

We promise, you have never seen chess moves this good. These are quite literally the most incredible moves in chess history! Sit back, relax, and get ready for your jaw to hit the floor.

Take a look at the positions on!

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  1. I agree with #1 but I’ll take Fischer’s bishop retreat over most of these. With his queen and knight hanging, Bobby takes a very active bishop and retreats it to where it too can be captured. Insane.

  2. Awesome commentary brother 👌 ..

  3. At 8:47 how does black win after 2. Kc3 ? e.g. a3 3.Kb3 Ra4 4. Ka2 Kf7 5. h5 and I fail to see a clear win

  4. Where is Morphy's Qb8 . Also his Rxf2 and Qa3 combination against bird.

  5. Nimzowitsch's h6 against Samisch is probably one of the dirtiest and most badass moves of all time

  6. In game #2 You have the exact same combination, as in Tylkowski-Wojciechowski, Poznań 1931, but the polish game happened earlier. Also, it's important to cover what happens after queening, because Rook and a Knight could hold, but there is another tactic, that wins black a piece.

  7. where is * Be6 * : the Fischer's move in his exeptional game against Byren – wich considered the greatest chess game of all 20 century –

  8. The first exemple is a construction…never happened as a real game.

  9. The endgame on the second game was stunning, so precise with pawn plan

  10. I'd like to see a "Greatest chess moves of all time" computer version too.

  11. Levy did video on this theme earlier too …it seems copy and paste….well tried though

  12. This is the third video on this topic with the exact same positions. Why?

  13. I don't see how any of these is better than Botvinnik Capablanca 1938

  14. Watch Samay Raina's stream
    Streaming until getting a brilliancy
    It is the best move of all time🔥❤😂

  15. Where is the move of the French guy playing b3 when his queen was hanging? This is the most violent chess move ever and it's not in the video…

  16. Am I the only here who didn't know Bri The Math Guy played chess

  17. I thought this guy only does calculus videos lol

  18. in the game #4 the brilliant move is bishop e6 instead of h6, after bishop e6 followed by rook f8 checkmate can't be stop..

  19. Whaaat I thought this guy was a mathematician…

  20. Am I the only one here wondering where is Fro Trommsdorf’s b3 against Emil Joseph Diemer. I mean that move deserves at least and honourable mention because that was one of the craziest things I have ever seen in my life.

  21. sometimes slow-but-wild tactics give me a premonition about losing

  22. I had to pause the video at #7 because my brain already melted.

  23. The guy's hand moves made me so nervous and angry that I ended up punching my pellow as hard as I could. Like it was his face. Sorry mate, But you need to stop moving your hands so much. I don't even know why the hell do we have to watch you move your hands in the first place! You even make the board smaller. You literally have no purpose there dude. they made you a talking clown for the visual entertainment. Just go somewhere else. Resign. There is No need to stand and put your hands in our faces.

  24. Surely #8 is just checkmate in two? Knight takes Bishop check and then Queen takes pawn checkmate.

  25. In Game #4, why cannot black rook capture white dark squared bishop.. instead of blocking with Knight

  26. He is so amazing that if it was not a brilliant move, he sure make us convinced that it is a brilliant one with his narration

  27. What a delight to see them one after another! Thanks — much appreciated…

  28. Simon Williams was way better at these….

  29. Can you speak like a human?

  30. For the endgame. Cant you just place your knight on C1. So basically maneuver to Nd3 and NC1??? And then the 2 pawns cant be promoted?

  31. Feels like I'm watching Blue's Clues lol. He even looks like the actor from the show.

  32. 8 shouldn’t be in this video, it was a regular queen sac for mate, it’s easy to see in my opinion, Fro Trmmsdorf vs Emil Josef Deimer had the best chess move of all time in my opinion, b3

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