The 7 WORST Chess Openings (According To Stockfish)

I searched 500 pages of the book Unorthodox Chess Openings to find these 7 openings which are extremely bad, according to stockfish.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Senechaud Countergambit
3:39 – Mosquito Gambit
5:41 – Matovinsky Gambit
11:45 – Orsini Gambit
14:21 – Frederico Variation
17:09 – Jerome Gambit
20:11 – Tumbleweed/Drunken King

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  1. 9:00 guys what if you play bishop c4, then the Black king is forced to go f8, then checkmate queen f7 ?

  2. Me: says Ruy lo-PEZ because I thought it was correct

    Guy actually named Lopez: Ruy Lopez

  3. of course… it's by Schiller… the world's laziest openings book writer! you can't play chess with his gambit repertoire books unless you don't mind playing out of book more than half the time.

  4. Never thought I would find a video starting with last but not least…

  5. What about fools mate? That’s gotta be the worst opening of all time

  6. Wait, how can the eval be +3.7 first, but then with 2 more of the best moves, it is +5?

  7. I enjoy your videos. What's your lichess name? Wanna play?

  8. 18:26 Is stockfish drunk? If you go there then White goes F5 and the King is forced to retreat and they get the Knight and Bishop for free unless Black is crazy enough to go D6.

  9. the senechaud countergambit is drugs

  10. The Jerome Gambit has been debunked and that loved and showcased by some bloggers.

  11. When the Fool's mate does not snow up: (visible confusion)

  12. You should do another opening about the best openings from the unorthodox openings book

  13. 4:19 Kiddie Countergambit
    I've used it so many times so successfully and it looks like it would also work here.

  14. Stock fish really just went: go home, king, you're drunk

  15. WAIT
    Since bongcloud isnt in the video, Its proved that bongcloud is a brilliant opening

  16. When you see that some are worse than the gohg opening

  17. "You must never take out the queen early unless if you have a good reason."
    Black playing the Orsini Gambit: Yea, I agree.

  18. No the Jerome is legendary and the best gambit to ever exist

  19. The first 6 openings had some reasons to exist, some moves and advantages, at least a little bit, but the last one.
    Why does it even exist? Is it just to give a name to some random opening that no one plays just for the fun of it?

  20. You don't let a drunken king lead the battlefield.

  21. Jerome gambit #1 opening this is misinformation

  22. "What do you think this rates from starfish" -thumbnail shows +3.7 lol

  23. Funnily, the Damiano Defense with e4 e5 Nf3 f6 Nxe5 fxe5 Qh5+ g3 Qxe5+ Qe7 Qxh8 IS the worst opening.

  24. I played against someone who played the Jerome Gambit both times I played them. That was hilarious!

  25. In orsini Gambit you can move your queen to f6. Which attacks the rook and the rook is not defended

  26. None of this garbage is ever discussed in the old books that were written before the abortion known as blitz chess. Fast chess is bad for your game. Capablanca would crush the shit out of any of these idiotic openings!

  27. what do you think about the wayward queen opening??

  28. I'm confused at 9:00. It seems like white has a forced mate with Bc4+ Kf6, Qf6#

  29. Guess what, my 1400 friend still beats me with all the gambits seen here..🀨

  30. I beat a 1600 elo player with mosquito gambit πŸ™‚

  31. 10:17
    Instead of Black Nh6, would Qe8 be a line worth chasing? Sets up a Queen Trade if not outright taking the Queen if White doesn’t either retreat or play Nf7. Even then, if white does play Nf7, Queen takes, and the position is effectively the same proposition while dismantling the offense.

    Alternatively, after Nh6, then Qe8.

  32. The Englund should make this list. That opening is trash. Fun to play against though.

  33. Damiano Defence: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6?
    Black doesn't actually defend the pawn because if 3. Nxe5! the knight can't be taken (3. … fxe5?? 4. Qh5+ g6 5. Qxe5+ wins the rook, or 4. … Ke7 5. Qxe5+ Kf7 6. Bc4+ and the black's king is out in the open with queen + bishop closing in on him)

  34. In Tumbleweed its actually e4 e5 f4 exf4 kf2 qh4+ g3 fxg3 kg2 gxh2 rxh2 and after black goes any move white can go kh1

  35. A bit of history about the Tumbleweed Gambit: It was apparently popular in Nebraska between WWI and WWII. There were whole tournaments where that was the opening that was always played.

    (sources: Chess To Enjoy, Andy Soltis, and a chess newsletter from the Nebraska State Chess Association)

  36. I'm surprised by how well i guessed the stockfish evaluations. mind you they weren't to the decimal point but they were within rounding. the only ones I got wrong was the jerome gambit and the orsini gambit.

    I guessed -3 (for black) on the senechaud, +4 (for white) on the mosquito, +5 (for white) on the matovinsky, -2 (for white) on the orsini (cause i forgot qa6), +4 (for white) on the frederico, -3 (for white) on jerome, and -4 (for white) on the tumbleweed.

  37. 13:55 white would have taken queen with his knight in this scenario the rest is invalid just because of this. queen was free.

  38. Bad opening gambits like these are just another thing about chess that computers and analysis engines have ruined. The whole point of a gambit is in the name. To play an unconventional, weaker position with the goal of betting that you can catch your opponent off guard with a knowledge check that they don't know. These gambits have always been bad, but they were at least potentially usable before the era of engines explaining the optimal response to anyone with a computer.

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