The BEST Chess Opening for Black Against 1.e4

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the best chess opening for Black against 1.e4. It is from the Portuguese variation of the Scandinavian Defense, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4.

The variation that he shows is very aggressive and it’s even played by the world champion Magnus Carlsen in online chess.

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  1. Queen to E5 huge problems for this strategy. I wonder why this is never addressed in this video. Why in the world play bishop or pawn defense when Queen puts huge pressure immediately 🤔

  2. I'm sure that this is great at some level, but I've been trying the Scandinavian for about three days and haven't found anyone who plays 3. d4.

  3. What do you do if when you push your bishop to G4 and he puts his pawn to F3 then you retreat your bishop to F5 and he pushes his other pawn to G4?

  4. You daughter is your twin.. so cute.. And thanx for the video..!

  5. I just played this against a 1205 rated player (I'm 1017 rated). And it seems they knew it was coming, but I was able to work around their plays. I mated them in 12 moves. Generally speaking, the positional superiority of this setup is just stellar.

  6. What happens if white plays 4. Nf3 instead of c3 after Bg4? My opponent played this yesterday and I suffered a lot…

  7. It doesn't really work, because if the white bishop move to check you get to nowhere

  8. Am I the only one wondering why white wouldn’t play Kc3 to protect the pawn In the beginning? And then Bb5 later to check?

  9. What if white doesn't take and just moves pawn forward

  10. In the very first checkmating line at specifically 4:40, you stop it there saying “white is checkmated soon!” But can you explain that? Can white not just block your rook check with E4 and get out of checkmate?

  11. very unique opening, super strong and catches my opponents off guard

  12. 5:34 The White king has still one move left (Kf3)

    Overall, it is one of the best lessons I have received yet!!💚💙💛❤️

  13. My maths teacher beat me within 8 moves when. I have been cramming chess since then

  14. I swear these lines never turn out the way they should. These tricky opening only work for ranked players not for a novice

  15. Anytime I've ever played a youtube opening in a game the opponent never responds accordingly. This is a nice fairytale to be sure

  16. Why doesnt whitr just move the pawn to c4 to protect d5 at the start???

  17. 0:09 what if they dont take ?

    nice vid but need more counter responses 🙂

    thank you I'm beginner

  18. that first opening, i find 90% of players move the bishop first and then your in the shit.

  19. MOST COMMON RESPONSE is (white) knight out to protect pawn…in my experience. What then?

  20. Learned your opening. Then try it but absolutely NOBODY played the white pieces like you say in your video, so I really coudnt use it and loose some games. That d4 second pawn in line with the other… come on, WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT???

  21. on my rating 900 no1 plays main line everybody tries to protect d5 pawn. what to do then

  22. The most common white move is knight c3 instead of queen pawn push and it’s not covered.. yeah if white pushes queen pawn you get initiative but they will play c3 and protect the pawn. Even at 600 or 1200

  23. İ love ur videos but this one … its not realistic … lookl like playing against a little boy

  24. Ive tried everything agianst e4,and this is the best.Hate the caro,fench,sharp sicilians and so on.This and the alekhine are great….

  25. Do good players only move pawns in the opening like that??

  26. At 3:31 why would he exchange queens, when he can use his bishop instead?

  27. Nd3! If a) …Kd2, Nxd2 ( forking King-Queen) If b) …Kf1, Nf2 forking Rook-Queen. All this due to the Pin on the e file

  28. Let the bishop take or threat with pawn
    If knight is taken then queen on fiancheto diagonal hitting white 🥲

  29. They rarely play the pawn to d4 on third move, so makes this plan a futile exercise to learn.

  30. I tried this, e4,d5 eXd5,Nf6 then white played Bb5+, I got confused

  31. If following a map isn't cheating than honing my opening skills with this video isn't cheating hehe. Loving this.

  32. Any time i play this white just plays Nc3 and its a boring game

  33. He explains it well…in execution i was executed🤦

  34. I've never seen anyone stack the pawns on the 2nd move, not once

  35. Enemies at my rating (yes it is low, 1200) never, just never plays pawn to d4 at his third move, instead they develop a knight etc.

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