The Best Chess Opening For White

In this video Andrea Botez shows basic ideas and main lines of her favourite opening: The London System. This new Crash Course series will help beginner and intermediate level players grasp different concepts and principles in chess. Drop a like and ask any questions you have about the London System in the comments section!
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0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Early e6 blocking the light-squared bishop
7:13 – Copycat line with Bf5
9:57 – c5 and Bg4
11:20 – c5 and early Qb6
12:43 – Qb6 mainline
15:24 – e4 plan against the King’s Indian Defense

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  1. Andrea you're an excellent teacher and you have a good voice for it.

  2. Andrea, what do you do if black opens with e5?

  3. I haven't play chess long but would love to have fun playing you

  4. I'm playing this against a friend right now. Thanks for the help Andrea. Sending love from across the pond 💕

  5. Wow. When did hot girls start liking chess?? 🤔🤔🤔

  6. This is actually fantastic Andrea, I've been thinking to move from 1.e4 to 1.d4

  7. I like Andrea more than the other sister. The other one looks like a mean lil snob

  8. YOU CAN CASTLE QUEEN SIDE!? Wooooooooow

  9. there's a WAYYYYY better white opening that IF your opponent moves the right pawn out of the way you can checkmate black in only 2 moves! i know bc i've done it and it's the most killer move to leave your opponent stunned in just a few seconds! let me know if you and your sis know it/can fig it out….

  10. Hey Botez 2, I know you play the London. Did you also try the similar Colle?

  11. Andrea…wow…I'm having so much fun on youtube…hey can you do one for black?? I need more advice, thoughts?

  12. Wow, thanks Andrea, I know I made two comments but for real on this video but you really really helped me, I'm not 1900 level, but I'm up and coming. Thanks for this vid. wow

  13. Thank you, I use the London(Very Badly) and have been looking to refine my technique….

  14. i don't even play chess i just love her voice 😂😂

  15. So maybe unusual for the comments here, but I have an actual chess question. What do you do if black plays the Dutch (1. d4 f5)?

  16. Wow Andrea, you are really really good at this!

  17. Andrea: explaining a great opening strategy.

    Me: How does the horsy move again?

  18. On the Qb6 line, how come the black queen is forced to go to c3? Why can't it go to A2 after it is attacked by the white

  19. I always use the bishop's rook opening. It confuses everyone, including me.

  20. Why does Andrea sound like every 8-year-old boy cartoon character?
    She would wreck me.

  21. You're a great teacher and this is the PERFECT level and layout for intermediate players, I've been looking for a video exactly like this so thank you!!

  22. Thanks, Andrea, for breaking it down step by step. Soooo helpful

  23. I'm not even done watching this tutorial but I had to comment…. solid stuff here. Thanks.

  24. Andrea, please make more of these lesson videos. You're a wonderful teacher.

  25. Andrea, could you please do a course like this for the King's Indian on both sides? Thanks for this vid, too, it's fantastic.

  26. Need to do more videos on teaching Andrea…very well put together ❤

  27. "…while our light squared bishop is livin' life!"

    Fantastic and entertaining video. Lots of great game references and opening styles. Look forward to watching more in the future. Thank you Andrea.

  28. Thank you for the tutorial! By the way I think you're so gorgeous! I've been playing a guy that's been kicking my butt in the London system your tutorial really helped me alot I hope I can get better.

  29. Wow you are a surprisingly good teacher.

  30. I'm curious what other language(s) (if any) the sisters speak besides English.
    BTW: You two are quite awesome.

  31. she sounds kinda like dw from arthur😂😂

  32. her explanation of the London made this more intriguing to watch… loving her crash course!!! great job <3

  33. Shes like a 1600 FIDE. Everyone here is creepy AF. Its no secret that she is clearly terrible at chess, but her low level play, incoherent ramblings, coupled with her lisp create for a perfect storm of quite possibly the least informative and worst opening video ever created. 90% of you weirdos know this yet fawn over her like she is some kind of savant. Simps are so weird. @botezlive Congrats on the views from these simps/weirdos for your average looks and unintelligible, less than average chess.

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