The Best Chess Opening For White

In this video Andrea Botez shows basic ideas and main lines of her favourite opening: The London System. This new Crash Course series will help beginner and intermediate level players grasp different concepts and principles in chess. Drop a like and ask any questions you have about the London System in the comments section!
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0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Early e6 blocking the light-squared bishop
7:13 – Copycat line with Bf5
9:57 – c5 and Bg4
11:20 – c5 and early Qb6
12:43 – Qb6 mainline
15:24 – e4 plan against the King’s Indian Defense

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  1. This was good and I liked yours beginner tips too 
    you nailed the teacher/entertainer thing.
    looking forward to the next one

  2. Some of those lines are in J. Bartholomew’s Chessable course.

  3. Nice job Andrea! Looking forward to some of your other favorite openings. The Dragon?

  4. Wow Andrea, ur video really helped me a lot, very very sincerely

  5. Love Andrea giving educational content!
    More please

  6. She talks like Dexter from Dexters lab

  7. How are they so smart and hot my god are you girls real

  8. 0:56 "This bishop is terrible. It's like a bishop from the French."
    I'm not from France but… what?

  9. can some one tell me why qa2 is not an option after qb6? it looks liek theres a trap but i couldnt figure it out

  10. In your first few suggestions you tell how to open.. and even show.. but… where the heck is the MISSING other black knight????

  11. tell me you're reading a script without telling me you're reading a script

    jk i fucking love yall so much!!! If i make enough content i hope to play you one day

  12. star wars reference and chess tactics… sweeeet

  13. Is it just me or is she a really good teacher?

  14. All I heard was, "mene, mene, tekel," but the girl is cute, and has a great voice so, I can spare five minutes, no problem.

  15. She just made the summary of Eric rosen 1 hr video 😂😂

  16. I love these crash courses. There helping me a lot

  17. I have a question: can you make more videos like this? 🙂

  18. Have you ever met Ariel Tweto? You two are so similar in your enthusiasm and manner!!

  19. I love you adrea that was very interesting to learn

  20. Can you make more opening crash courses? Maybe some beginner ones for the uninitiated such as myself

  21. We know Alexandra is brilliant…
    But guess what? Andrea is too.

  22. I used this system and won I've not played much but I'm a beginner player

  23. Where’s the part where you’re about to lose, and you throw the board off the table?

  24. Andrea seems to be able to explain Theory very well. I believe at the end of the day or decade she will be a superior player to her sister. IMO

  25. I think she’s a great teacher

  26. I love the London and you covered the reasons for the moves well. Great instructor and very easy on the eyes.

  27. ….😯 one bloody bright spark! Put that in your pipe and smoke it ….😁 luv it!

  28. I got destroyed by a girl a couple weeks ago after talking shit. So I decided to start taking chess seriously again.

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