The Best Chess Opening For White

In this video Andrea Botez shows basic ideas and main lines of her favourite opening: The London System. This new Crash Course series will help beginner and intermediate level players grasp different concepts and principles in chess. Drop a like and ask any questions you have about the London System in the comments section!
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0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Early e6 blocking the light-squared bishop
7:13 – Copycat line with Bf5
9:57 – c5 and Bg4
11:20 – c5 and early Qb6
12:43 – Qb6 mainline
15:24 – e4 plan against the King’s Indian Defense

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  1. I have to listen and move the pieces on my ceiling cause Andrea is too distracting … hamunahamuna!

  2. Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache says:

    "Before mitochondria there was london"

  3. Andrea love this content, im an e4 player, if you you give us some course would be very grateful, love the level of detail and wouldn’t mind if you went into even more detail.

  4. Awesome video. I only found your channel today….I only play the London opening, and you have expanded my view of what I can do to improve. Thanks for the content

  5. No no no, the best opening for white is the king’s gambit,hands down!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  6. I don’t love Eric Rosen. Mk I luv him too

  7. Beautifully explained, Andrea Op ❤️

  8. Shout out to Mark, one of Andrea’s first London students. I hope you guys play again some day

  9. I fully support this series. There are no words. Thank you Andrea for your voice, keeps me wide awake and focused lol.

  10. I’m probably very nooby for ask my tgis but can’t the queen take on a2 @15:01? Someone explain plz lol

  11. If black plays Qb6 and Qxb2 what is preventing them from taking a2 if you play Rb1?

  12. 14:00, why do you say it's the queens only square? Why not just take the pawn on A2 or am I suggesting something completely losing?

  13. The London was the first opening i learned, and even though I always feel like i should be playing more "theory" based openings, i keep coming back to it because it's so versatile… Great video!

  14. Let's be honest…most of us open with the Coomer system and the game is over in under a minute.

  15. I don’t comment. But I had to because nobody I watch makes chess videos where they actually explain useful concepts…just lines that apparently you’re supposed to memorize. You’re a natural teacher.

  16. Great vid, I’ll use this to switch it up from Ruy

  17. Why is the white bishop stronger than black square bishop??

  18. I'm not a 1.d4 player so I don't play the London. But interestingly as a general proposition in the London …Nh5 moves to trade off the White f4-London bishop for a knight is not just a waste of time but cannot even usually be done. Thus in the 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4 d5 3.e3 e6 4.Nf3 line, the sideline 4…Nh5 while occasionally seen in Master chess (though not top level chess) is extremely rare. On those rare occasions White can play 5.Bg5 with the tactical point that 5…f6?! 6.Bh4 g5?? cannot be played “to trade off the White dark squared bishop for Black’s knight” because of 7.Nxg5 discovering an attack on the loose Black h5-knight. Perhaps this early “obvious” observation helped give rise to the London in the first place. And therefore in that sideline Black always responds in Master games to 5.Bg5 with 5…Be7 when play then continues 6.Bxe7 Qxe7 7.Nbd2 etc.

  19. Three pages of notes and only halfway through guess the London will be my first opening lol

  20. Не понимаю, что ты говоришь ) обожаю тебя ))

  21. Thanks much. Very concise and well presented.
    I've been trying to get control of the London for weeks. I keep ending up with the stonewall and waiting for black to do something stupid. Before I do. My biggest problem is I keep trying weird moves and sacrifices since, of course, my all time favorite player was Tal. The rot sets in with Tal being a genius and I'm an impetuous disaster area.

  22. See what Andras Toth thinks of this opening before you delve into learning this system.

  23. On the second to last line, why wouldn’t the black queen just take the a2 pawn when you attack her with the white rook? Any specific reason?

  24. Good video! I am learning Andrea. So, when your sister Alexandra does her mind game comment, “If you don’t play the London you lose automatically,” she follows with the Benko/Volga Gambit to try to throw you off. Then she makes a comment that she knows you won’t accept a gambit, except you answered logically with one of the book moves of pushing the pawn. Don’t let her get into your head, like you said, “I play solid chess.” This is a solid opening!

  25. more videos like this please! my girlfriend and i have been playing chess and she always kicks my ass

  26. This is Andrea's finest hour. She is beautiful in every way here.

  27. I Love to play Danish Gambit so whenever I face a London Player…….I capture there bishop at Move 2 🤣🤣🤣as most of them pre move bishop f4… LOL🤣!!

  28. She is so pretty her sista too.. what's better then that they play chess! If you'd told me in high school that playing chess will find your a very nice super chill gorgeous woman Id laughed at you. I was a football player and chess was "nerdy" still beat my states champion tho secretly… You guys don't tell nobody imma try to keep this bad boy image lol… Thx boteslive I love y'all's for reallys

  29. i feel like she can get annoying but I do enjoy her humor a lot :). She seems like a cool person to chill with ^_^

  30. Exceptionally talented teacher, you are!

    More opening lessons would be swell. Perhaps for black?

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