The BEST Chess Opening TRAP Against 1.e4

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🔹 6 Best Chess Opening Traps after 1.e4 (Kasparov & Anand were tricked!!) –

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be sharing with you how you can win the majority of your games when you are playing Black. This happens after the White’s first move 1.e4, which is the most-commonly played opening move.

The opening variation I’m showing in this video happens in the Two Knights Defense, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6. And when your opponent tries to attack you with 4.Ng5, you can set a really tricky trap by playing 4…Nxe4, which is called the Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit.

It may seem like you are just giving away the game, because White can grab your knight with 5.Nxe4, or play 5.Nxf7 delivering a fork, or take the f7-pawn with their bishop giving a check to your king.

BUT, White loses in almost all of the lines when they play the most natural moves in this trap. Most of your opponents are probably unaware of this trap and this gives you a great edge over them!

► Chapters

00:00 Win as Black against 1.e4
00:21 Two Knights Defense
00:39 Weird trap?!
02:13 Do you the name of this gambit?
02:58 Evil laugh, crazy sacrifice!
04:48 Recap of the line
06:36 White’s most common reply
08:13 Final line: Bxf7+
10:25 Novelty move
11:23 Black destroys White 

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  1. In the first variation, with the centre fork trick, can't White play 6. Bd3 dxe4 Bxe4, with what looks like a playable if uninspiring position?

  2. Most of the time they just check with bishop and ruin your castling ability. For ai the position may not be the worst but at 1000 rating it is very hard to defend afterwards.

  3. Thank you for the in-site; I am going to try this…starting today.

  4. at 8:27 what if white does not take the knight on e4 but plays d3 instead??? I think thats bad for black maybe you could comment on that please?

  5. very good video! ive been using it myself a little but i ran into a problem after bxf7 , ke7 . you say he has to play bxe4 but Ive check it with my father and the engine and if d3 or expecially d4 is being played you are just loosing as black. I know this might be hard to spot for people, expeccially in lower elo and lower time formats but it is a flaw with this opening.

  6. Stockfish says this is losing once the bishop takes the pawn, king moves, then white simply plays d4, a3, knight takes knight, then d5 to force the knight to move and white is up +3!

  7. Gothamchess just made a video on this and called it the dark knight attack. Ponziani gambit in Italian game?

  8. against the d4 I play the englund Gambit, wich is super fun, against the e4 Ill play this

  9. This video changes everything. I just cant quite hold onto above 1400 due to losses playing black pieces. I feel tis may change. Thank you for the video.

  10. Thank you. I was always confused about Black's openings

  11. I will play it over the Rouessau Gambit, which was the most overpowered opening, until now! PS: This trap is perfect for my dad to fall into!

  12. @Marcus Minifee, I do too. I was playing in a win it or lose it game, I could've trapped her queen, but I was so scared of her attacks, that I moved something else and lost…

  13. My best lesson in my life and very vital ideas on revenge for fried liver attack

  14. This is one of my favorite video on YT! Loved luv lov it! Thank you for this great video!

  15. Gotham Chess called this "Dark Knight Gambit".

  16. Hi, great video. In the last example. How about white plays bf7, black moves the king and white follows with d3? How to defend that one? Thanks

  17. Is this also known as The Dark Knight Gambit? Where they say is better in blitz type games

  18. I believe Gotham referred to this as the Dark Knight Gambit.
    Yeah, it’s pretty cool!

  19. Good chess moves are like jokes. You can never retell them accurately when you need to.

  20. I actually had this happen twice just now in 5/5 blitz games. The first game I blundered in the end game but still executed the idea pretty well. The second game I mated and had a brilliancy! Great stuff, Igor! I used to always be wary of fried liver stuff from my opponent but now I come out SWINGING 😎

  21. happened to use a line from this trap yesterday, some 5 months after waching the video. thanks for sharing

  22. You could play instead of taking bishop c5 which is a lot better

  23. The final line Bxf7 after Ke7 instead of playing Nxe4 you should play d4 and white is just better

  24. This gambit is amazing. Never see something similar before. Thanks, Igor for teaching us!! Please, continue making videos 👏🏻👏🏻 They are the best!!

  25. Could you do a video on the best defence against the English Opening please?

  26. This is now my favorite chess-video of all time!

  27. Love your videso Igor.Where can I buy your instructional videos?

  28. With their bishop attacking (the black Q), what if they don't take your knight, and instead attack it with the d4 pawn?

  29. I got to 1500 elo with the tactics you taught us for totally free. So thank you so much sir. Now looking forward to some lessons for more advance level elo games so i can push further. You already helped me develop so much… So i wont demand anything more but put on a request as one of your fellow students that you make a video on some advance openings now to help 1500+ players specifically

  30. 8:18 Bxf7 is not just another attempt by white. Its clearly the best move for white, but in the variation you show after when white play Nxe4 emidiately is a mistake for white. white has a much better move if he opens for the black bishop, because that protects the knight on g5 for another turn, threatening to win the queen (Ke7, d4, Nxg5, Bxg5+, Kxf7, Bxd8). if white play d3 he is better. but if he play d4, comp giving white winning advantage. ok white perhaps needs one or 2 presise moves more.. but if he plays right after comp give like +2 or +3.. basicaly he need play d4 first and then take knight on e4.

  31. This technique works against beginners only, my 8 years old. Students would smash this easily! For example you first example after Hxe4 d4 the move is Bd3 and then dxe4 Bxe4 and white is better! You show many bad moves for white to prove this technique is best for black, I think the advanced trailer is much better than this Hxe4 move…

  32. At 7:38 why did we take the rook? Why not save the queen instead? What am I missing?

  33. Ponziani Steinitz Gmabit 🙂 you were pretty close

  34. I just want to say thank you for all your videos and the time you put in to make them, I enjoy watching them allot!!!!

  35. What if white goes Bishop F7, check? King can't take it because it is defended by the knight.

  36. On the line that the bishop takes the pawn on F7 (08:20) black is losing. After the white's knight takes the the black knight on E4 and the black king takes the bishop on F7, the most logical move which is also the best move is queen to F3 check. The black king must retreat to E8, than the white knight jumps to C3. Pawn to E5 for kicking the knight is no longer an option because it can be captured by the knight. Queen cannot capture the knight back because she will fall.
    Anyways, very bad line for black if whites decides to capture the pawn on F7 by the bishop.

  37. 12.08. what if white play d3 to kick the knight?

  38. Could you analyse the classical move d5 at 0:33? I tried this in one of my games and was defeated quite promptly.

  39. This opening sucks playing a 1700 level player but he moved pawn to c4 which changed the dynamic s and I am hurting

  40. But what can white do when black plays Knight e4?

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