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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you an aggressive and universal chess opening for White. It is especially useful for beginner and intermediate level players, those who are under 1600 rating and want to break that rating barrier.

You don’t need to study Ruy Lopez, Italian Game, the Two Knights Game, and a bunch of other openings that you usually need to know if you are going to play 1.e4 as White. With this single aggressive opening, you can get rid off learning those a bunch of opening theories and make your opening repertoire easy to learn.

You will learn the Evans Gambit which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4. You will learn a bunch of attacking ideas on how to keep the momentum going, some really cool traps, and how to attack the Black’s centralized king (preventing it from castling).

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Opening for White
00:22 Evans Gambit
01:25 Evans Gambit Theory & Plans
03:00 Statistical Proof: 60% Win Rate
06:29 How Black loses in 9 moves
09:03 If Black doesn’t play dxe5
11:22 If Black plays 5…Bc5
15:30 Final line: Deadly attack on the king
18:34 Puzzle of the day: Can you solve?

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  1. 11:45 this is the twice back to Bc5. Ba5 we didnt see. I watched the video twice or im blind haha.

  2. Watching your channel feels like wasting time..

  3. Chess is a game between two players. It doesn't matter how "unsound" a move is if it works. For sub-masters, openings like Evans are fine.

  4. Aww, Igor… Don't give away my secret sauce. 15:00 I've never had anyone try to trade queens on f6. In my experience, everybody always blocks with the knight. I just pin the knight to the queen with Bg5 and start thinking on the next move. The queen move would be a lot scarier.

  5. im not sure if i like this opening or not yet but lets see if the video changes my mind.

  6. if black knight × e4 then this trap may fail any comments ?

  7. where do these names come from? Evan's gambit, Caro-can, Sicillian defense, Rui Lopez?

  8. At 4:20, what happens if the knight take pawn on E4? Then they have a double attack on the pawn on C3.

    I feel like even if there is an easy way out if this line, it should have been discussed because it looks like one of the most natural moves for black to make.

  9. It seems that Bishop to d-5 is the only strong move if your opponent is of equal caliber.

  10. fo rthe puzzle, I'm thinking Qa4 for the attack. Pinning the knight which we'll attack and also preparing the attack on the bishop soon if Black Bishop D7

  11. its not an universal opening cause,boss,they dont need to play bishop c4,and after they move something u need to play chess maybe it will be knight to f6 🙂

  12. Bishop A3 why does that stop king from casteling

  13. When you know the evans gambit, your games look like Morphy vs anybody

  14. That was a nice talk. If I watch it a few more times I might even learn it. Pretty sharp looking games for a novice, don’t you think? I have been warned away from learning the sharp openings instead of learning

  15. I mean I guess the engines lines do not commonly happen in most casual games. But what about the uncommon times when they will? I don't think it is smart to play this opening as a newer player because it forces you to make a bunch of choices depending on blacks play and due to so many ideas it is easy to be overloaded. Also why would I put more pressure on myself as a new player by playing a open opening that is sorta gamitish, forcing me to figure out ways to play actively least I just lose material. Just my thoughts about the opening.

  16. 1.e2-e4 e6-e5 2.Ke1-Ke2 play better and win

  17. This is a stupid opening even for gran masters. The best opening for newbies ,or for people who just like ti play chess is: with white pon=f4; knight=f3; pon =e3; bishop =e2; pon=d3; entock and knight=c3 os the best opening to be able to defende and atack later…

  18. Wharever chess players if they try to open with me like you explaine they will lose every time

  19. Silly opening. You don't get enough positional compensation for the pawn. I win every time I play against it!

  20. Can anyone tell which chess app is this, any download link?

  21. I learned evans gambit and kings gambit and every opponent i faced just goes sicilian defense😀

  22. I think D6 breaks this gambit well…hinders it at least. I want to try this in my rapids but I really don't wanna lose but this looks fun to play

  23. I really liked this opening. Even if Black doesn't take the gambit, the opening development gives White a strong position.

  24. after e4 spit into your opponents and offend them

  25. Thank you so much Coach! I admire you a lot. You taught us in a simple way

  26. Under 1600 i played 20 games didnt get anything close th only thing people played was 1 e4 e4 2 Nf3 d6 3 Bc4 h6

  27. I've tried to get the chance to play evans for 2 years hasn't happened yet. I stopped even trying after a while. I love the gambit but how good is it if you can't make it happen?

  28. How would you like your audience to address you, Mr Grandmaster Igor Smirnoff?

  29. In lower levels black will play H7 to defend against fried liver instead of developing the bishop to c5. Is the gambit still playable or should white transpose into something else?

  30. d5 threatening to win the Knight. When the knight retreats, then Qa4+ winning the bishop

  31. Русскоязычный адвокат Давиде Побережский says:


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