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πŸ”Ή The BEST Chess Opening Against 1.e4 – Every Move is a Trap! –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you an aggressive and universal chess opening for White. It is especially useful for beginner and intermediate level players, those who are under 1600 rating and want to break that rating barrier.

You don’t need to study Ruy Lopez, Italian Game, the Two Knights Game, and a bunch of other openings that you usually need to know if you are going to play 1.e4 as White. With this single aggressive opening, you can get rid off learning those a bunch of opening theories and make your opening repertoire easy to learn.

You will learn the Evans Gambit which happens after the following moves:Β 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4. You will learn a bunch of attacking ideas on how to keep the momentum going, some really cool traps, and how to attack the Black’s centralized king (preventing it from castling).

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Opening for White
00:22 Evans Gambit
01:25 Evans Gambit Theory & Plans
03:00 Statistical Proof: 60% Win Rate
06:29 How Black loses in 9 moves
09:03 If Black doesn’t play dxe5
11:22 If Black plays 5…Bc5
15:30 Final line: Deadly attack on the king
18:34 Puzzle of the day: Can you solve?

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  1. I like your videos, I watched almost all of them. Thank you very much.
    For the puzzle at the end, actually there's no clear wining move for White as there's still the need for castling due to pin of C3, Black can always take D4 by the Night as a response for D5 or Ng5 by White. So I think White best move is to castle first, then D5.

  2. This is a fantastic opening (I'm 1300ish) I'm going to memorize immediately. What would be cool to see at the end, is to show how if White plays this, how Black counters it. Thanks so much love your channel!

  3. Black has just to move bishop e6 instead of the awkward queen move and that’s the end of the attack …

  4. The Jade bot on the chess app did not cooperate in the slightest..

  5. Why not just pawn d4 without the gambit first?

  6. When I try to do this, they play their knight from F6 to E4, capturing my pawn, and ruining the plan.

  7. Wow interesting I saw this lines But scared to loose a pawn but with this video I can try it. Thank you GM IGOR

  8. actually i remeber when like a week ago i analyzed deeply the whole evans theory and the puzzle at the end leads to an equal position if black knows the best moves after d5, knight to d4 its equal maybe a slight white advantage as far as i can remember

  9. Bg5 breaks kings position. After f6 you capture knight and the rook can't recapture

  10. What if the pawn is not taken and theatens our bishop with pawn to d4
    Nb:he plays knight f3 instead of developing the bishop

  11. D5 and then queen forks the bishop and king

  12. In the 1st check BxF7 check, what if the king moves to D8? That avoids the Queen capture, what's the line of play then?

  13. I've found it's a sad game if your opponent is prepared for it. But chances are still in your favor that they aren't, especially under 1500 like me

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