The Cheat Code Of Chess Openings | English Opening

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This is the Complete Guide to the English Opening grab it here and pull it up during your next game so you know exactly what to play:

The Cheat Code Of Chess Openings | English Opening

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  1. This show is a valuable chess lesson that could be found in the old chess books, that is, if they could be found. I hope to see more of your chess lessons. I am pleased that I already subscribed.

  2. Hello top chess, I want to play the same thing as black with c5 but d4 appears. How can I play after 1.d4?

  3. I request a London Opening Setup (If you've been watching TopChess for a while then you might know why)

  4. what am I gonna do if the enemy eat or checks the king

  5. Would you make a video about an effective opening with black pieces against d4? I'm still 650 Elo and that's the most common move I see during my chess games.

  6. Good now do a strong opening for black plz

  7. If you could do now with black bc there's no way we play always white btw it helps alot

  8. Bro… 9:20 he could just move his queen and run away to f8 when the queen comes but you didn't show that suspicous, also black plays the same opening everytime so of course white wins, and if black knows the english opening and how to defend it its useless, i like your channel but this video is dumb

  9. What happens when the oppent does a diffrent move like threating your pawn at the start

  10. Thanks, Top Chess for not only the opening but the refrences to dragonball. Tribute to Akira Toriyama who had passed.

  11. Hmm what happened if they castle queenside ??

  12. Thx for the vid.U just gain a new sub❤

  13. Instructions unclear, I lost to a cat that had lower elo than me with this opening

  14. Yo this is actually good opening damn thx

  15. Rare footage of top chess didnt make an episode twice in a row

  16. Thank 's to teach this opening, i was able to defeat my opponent

  17. Gotham chess opening tutorials❌ top chess opening tutorials✅

  18. We want normal video everyday alternate

  19. I like the opening but it doesn’t work against weak guys

  20. Bro I was at 900 elo but in 1 day I am at 1200 elo

    Thanks for this opening

  21. Please do more normal episodes now😊😊😊?

  22. Where are these in the games they narrate this is insane

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