The English Opening | Basic Plans, Ideas & Strategies | Chess Openings | IM Andrey Ostrovskiy

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In this video, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy is sharing with you some of the major ideas and plans in the English Opening. The English Opening is a popular opening for white and the main focus of this video is on the basic ideas, strategies and plans for both sides in the different lines.

The English Opening basically starts with the move 1.c4 and based on that move there are so many systems that can arise.

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  1. А че не на русском, Андрей ? Почему вы все как угорелые пашите на англоязычную аудиторию, неужели только из-за того что просмотров больше приносит ?) Мне очень интересно узнать про планы в английском начале) Может есть канал где вы на родном языке изъясняетесь ?)

  2. Very good video…I use the English Opening usually and the KIA too.
    Keep going & best regards

  3. Great video as always. Have never tried the English.

  4. this channel still didn't make the big explosion and i really don't know why (i know it will be soon though). there are great examples of games, tactics, strategies, endgames, hours of opening theories and heck, you can even get your games analysed by ims. thank you for your efforts guys✌️

  5. Great video as always. I didn't saw, maybe I missed it, a line where white plays 1.c4, 2.g3, 3.Bg2, 4.Nc3. 5. e3. I saw that many times at club level. Any good response for black to this particular line?

  6. Hi Andre, Very Good video on general plans & ideas in English Opening. Can you suggest me a book or video series for in depth understanding of this opening. I m not looking for thousands of moves of theory but Well annotated games in each variation of the English. Also Can you suggest a good line against the English. I play Caro/Slav or King's indian setups against this opening. Thanks.

  7. This channel is a Goldmine!
    Already subscribed!Loving the content!

  8. Hi Andrey, your way of teaching is perfect ( we can learn from both perspectives) and i thank you for that. I am a Zukertort player since 2 years and i will try this opening.

  9. is fianchetto always the plan in the english or are there strong options without it?

  10. I think I found a hidden gem on the internet. Thanks for the tips

  11. Nice Video. Thank you!
    What should I do when playing the English after 1. c2-c4, e7-e5 2. g2-g3, d7-d5?
    Because if I take the d5 pawn with my c4 pawn, he can obviously recaptcher with his Queen which would attack my h1 rook. So I have to protect that instead of developing my pieces. So should I just play 3. Bf1-Bg2 and sacrifice my c4 pawn, because then I'm in a better position? What's your advice?

  12. This was very informative and easy to follow, great job!

  13. Anyone has the link to the solution at the end of the video?

  14. The English is the ultimate secret weapon of a good chess player. If you're struggling to reach 1800-2000, master this opening and it will give you the extra push

  15. Very nice explanation of the English opening! Thank you, Sir!

  16. The only thing that I kinda missed was the Symmetrrical English, which I find somewhat annoying to face with White.

  17. this is my first time on this channel, and the best thing about this
    channel is explaining stuffs with physical chess

  18. 2:40 nothing took back though lol you just removed a pawn for no reason lol

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