The English Opening – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz explores the fourth most popular opening: the English. But what to do on move two? Learn several lines from three strong games. Join in the holiday cheer with Jonathan and 1. c4!

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Lajos Portisch, Monte Carlo (1968): A22 English, Bremen, reverse dragon
Dana Reizniece-Ozala vs Sergey Karjakin, Vladimir Petrov Memorial (Rapid) (2015): A29 English, four knights, kingside fianchetto
Hikaru Nakamura vs Samuel Sevian, Millionaire Chess (2015): A20 English opening


  1. this loser speaks with a stutter in an eneven volume i understand hes neither a grandmaster or a chess player.

  2. 0:18 Yes! Poinsettia! Perfect..! This video wouldn’t have been the same without it..!!

  3. The flowers are blocking most of the sound that's why he's yelling.

  4. Those stupid f'in flowers… some one fire that guy asap.

  5. I have ADHD but still manage to watch the entire video in one go

  6. Great video! Learned a lot. One bit of advice. The camera change around the 34th minute was ill-advised. Otherwise, very useful information here. Thanks!

  7. U don’t ve to ask anyone to subscribe ,, the content is so good that it’s an automatic option

  8. 5:58 black will just développe knights and white is just gonna take the knight in the center of the board

  9. itzyfan88 - Chess / Halo player & K-Pop ITZY Fan says:

    Schrantz merges AD and the Reverse Dragon the same way I do in my brain. I thought it could be controversial but if STL endorses it then I guess not.

  10. I don't tend to play this opening often but I frequently watch the start of this video jus for the flowers

  11. I have no idea what he said the first 4 minutes, just stared at the flowers.

  12. Wow it's been four years since I studied chess and I lost 400 ELO. here we go again learning the basics of the english opening, thanks for the content!

  13. I'm sorry, but after reading the comments, i can't not look at the poinsettia 😂

  14. At 05:59, rather than Nf3 after black plays Nc6, I don't understand how Nd5 doesn't simply win black's knight.


  16. I wiah they woulda tried this flower move with Benny Boi Finegold!!! Lmao

  17. 5:59 – "it is not popular today, usually black just developes knight" isn't it a free knight to white then? D5 knight protected only with queen but attacked twice.

  18. Hi Johnatan, simple question: what would be the best opening for whites against blacks? Thanks.

  19. Flower lift @4:29 was a brilliant move. Almost impossible to see(!)

  20. What were the flowers meant to hide? They immediately gave him an allergy with a tempo! They were an absolute pin to his face.

  21. what a meme move at the start! the pot of flower in your face start.

  22. These moves are questionable: C4 E5 kc3 Flower to J8

  23. Slight mistake on 5:57. Knight is hanging, so it has to move to b6 before Nc6

  24. My favorite opening with white by far, as it is way more unique and unpredictable. Opponent will most likely have less prep to this than u

  25. I had to skip ahead to see if the flowers were going to stay there. What the hell was that about lmao

  26. 7:157:40 a pawn is won is material. I don't understand why not take the black queen with the white queen forcing a check then take the knight?

    You win a knight instead of pawn. This doesn't bring their rook to an open file. Then helps to free up a file for White's rook.

    Is because White's pieces aren't that well developed?

  27. 'Usually, black will just develop Knights' (5:58)?? Oops! White can TAKE his d5 Knight without any retaliation!

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