The English Opening – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz explores the fourth most popular opening: the English. But what to do on move two? Learn several lines from three strong games. Join in the holiday cheer with Jonathan and 1. c4!

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Lajos Portisch, Monte Carlo (1968): A22 English, Bremen, reverse dragon
Dana Reizniece-Ozala vs Sergey Karjakin, Vladimir Petrov Memorial (Rapid) (2015): A29 English, four knights, kingside fianchetto
Hikaru Nakamura vs Samuel Sevian, Millionaire Chess (2015): A20 English opening


  1. I had to rewatch the first minute because chess, chess, chess FLOWERS, chess, chess…

  2. Thought the flowers were a long setup for a joke but apparently not…

  3. The flowers where pinned by the light scared bishop

  4. This guy really looks like "monica's boyfriend who talks in a weird way" from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  5. Telling the ideas behind moves and main ideas of the opening instead of making us memorize all those moves like idiots is really great!!

  6. If u can do some more videos about english with great games…….that would be fantastic

  7. Thought it was a monty python sketch when the flowers appeared but he just kept talking like the flowers weren’t fronting him.. it’s like they’re saying ‘I’m bigger than you chess boy, imma stand here n take your limelight, watch a gonna do.’ Nothing. You’ll do nothin chess boy

  8. Hahaaaaaa. WTF???? I could not concentrate FOR A FCKIN SECOND 😹🤣🤣😹😹🤣😹🤣

  9. Fun fact : Dana Reizniece Ozala is a ‘she’😂

  10. Okay, I just can't understand why people nowadays would conceive on playing Knight C6 after Bishop G2. How about Knight takes Knight on D5? I even checked it against the engines, they all consider white as completely winning after Knight C6 leaving the Knight on D5 hanging.

  11. The throat clearing was way more obtrusive than the flowers.

  12. What’s with the rosy posies- very positional, taking control of 2i’s in the h file. Not a good opening. The most logical move is to contest the center and the mustache.

  13. Chess Analysis 64 تحليل الشطرنج ٦٤ says:

    Brilliant , Thanks a lot Jonathan.

  14. 0:17 This is where English openning starts. Thank me later. ✌️

  15. Those flowers are actually his Royal Highness the Rangdo of Arg during mating season

  16. "Light square strategy"+English" The sun never sets on the English opening

  17. Go Johnathan Schrantz! Heavily overlooked gambit king 😉

  18. Him:
    What about the Flow…
    Camera Man:
    ..And we're rolling!

  19. Alternative Fianchetto structure and that fianchetto is not even pointing to the objective plane


  21. I wanna play this opening to surprise my opponents in local tournament coz most people play e4 d4.

  22. Chess players should have some commonsense and logic. But this flower business is telling me a different story

  23. 4:26 And it was in this position the arbitor removed the flowers from the chessboard

  24. Didn't know Snowden played chess. He must be trying to hide behind the poinsettia so as not to get caught!

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