The Fastest Checkmate Explained

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  1. But tjat is easy to defend

  2. Only works if you are playing a noob seeing a chessboard for the first time. Against anyone semi-decent, you get punished going for Scholar's Mate.


  4. I tried the second after 8 times of restarting the game and won against a very easy bot

  5. Finally my pieces had some justice for once

  6. The last mate is known as the scholars mate

  7. You should move the queen out first.

  8. Hi yt short guy! I just won against my dad at chess!!! I only started playing a day ago and my dad said he played chess for 25 years, it's quite crazy how I managed to do it, I'm really happy rn cuz of you

  9. knight to h3 protects the square but we all know why this isn’t a good idea…

  10. Fun fact I haven't watched this and that already happened.

  11. Cam someone please explain to me why wouldn't I take white queen using the black kind in the second check mate?

  12. Works great, until you're no longer 300 rated.

  13. Alternate name of the first one: Jschlatt’s Stupid Checkmate

  14. I can check make someone with only one move

  15. Ig its the 10,000 video on this particular move!!!!

  16. Cant the king kill the queen when she is right next to him????

  17. You forgot something is that your enemy must be an idiot

  18. opponent actually plays g6 in the next mate which ducks up the whole game πŸ—Ώ

  19. The official name of this opening is the Schlatt Gambit

  20. the fools mate is only used for beginers and noobs after they get good this is basicaly useless, fun fact i never got foolmated

  21. wow i knew this when i was in 3rd now in 10th

  22. Tried this only for them to block my queen with a pawn down. I get the logic, maybe I shouldn’t’ve used it on a bot

  23. What is ur opponent moves the pawn forward to block the attack

  24. I hate scholars mate because it judt gets borning after a while of playing a lot of people who do it and fail.

  25. I thought I had one,I just realized I was dumb (it doesn't work, I think?)

  26. well now its easy to counter wayward queen attack

  27. I just played 5 games as white, this technique won me all of them in 4 moves

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