The Fried Liver Attack In 1 Minute


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  1. I've been playing this opening for 3 years and I have no idea what I'm doing

  2. Just block with the bishop on the white square

  3. Actually, bishop takes knight isn’t a mate. It’s a mate in 1

  4. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

  5. That isn’t mate unfortunately either the left most bishop or the queen could stop it because the queen takes bishop or bishop blocks

  6. Your wrong and right as you forgot about the enemy queen, its not a loss but there are heavy losses, which from what Ive checked will end up resulting in a mate but if anyone else has a way out of it let me know

  7. King will just move to e7, fried liver is really just for the noobs

  8. Actually it's not a mate
    After the last move the black queen could take your bishop and after that, the white queen takes the black queen .Thus ,the checkmate is after 2 moves.

  9. Why can't the opponent just play knight F3 after the queen checks the king?

  10. I can never play chess, because there's always someone who's memorised moves like this, and when I move one piece, they go "Ah, I see you're playing the Frenchman's Handkerchief strategy, and I will have mate in 4 moves!". WTF am I supposed to do in response? They could be bullshitting me, but after this video, I doubt it.

  11. Knight a5 attacking the bishop after pawn takes.See, chess is about tactics

  12. Hold up could the queen not kill the bosip at the end or am I dumb

  13. Can’t the opponent just take out your knight on g5 with queen?

  14. Why cant the queen move. There are orher oprions as well.

  15. How is that a mate? Black queen can take the bishop..

    ..Oh right the other queen

  16. I've played that but never knew it had a name. Cool, I will now fry your livers 🍳

  17. blackburn shilling kills this… even a sharp well played anti-fried liver defense

  18. This has worked from me but after I take with pawn I have had opponents move the knight and attack my bishop and it prevents this line from happening as far as I can see

  19. time to use this in an actual game
    me: e4
    opponent: a6

  20. Dude, opponents queen can hit your bishop😐😐

  21. It’s not a mate the queen can take the bishop😂

  22. Couldn’t the queen just take the bishop

  23. I'm new to chess but can't the queen take out the bishop?

  24. So this is the fried liver attack
    liver king resigns

  25. I played like 50 games with white and my opponent never did that.

  26. My son's an I learn something new every time we watch your programs. Thanks . Lex interview was awesome. Good luck.

  27. I usually play this and sometimes I have to face the traxler from the opponent but at my elo my opponents just know the two moves of the traxler and end up losing a room and a knight..

  28. looks at the pawn on h7 uhhh

    Edit: oh wait nevermind I analyzed it. I'm dumb ignore my stupid comment

  29. i played it without knowing the opening, i simply figure out this strategy after many games

  30. But does it taste as good as actual fried liver?

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