The Fried Liver Attack In 1 Minute


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  1. Be careful for the fritz trap. If you don't know what it is look it up. This can backfire on you very badly.

  2. Omg I forgot my counter to this but how.

  3. Hold up. What if queen takes? Btw I’m not great at chess so…

  4. Its not mate black can take with his queen

  5. My opponent played queen f6 after I checked him with my own queen. Never seen it before and it threw me off. Seemed like a good move tbh cuz best scenario after that was like me ahead with one pawn. With isn’t bad but.. When black king is checked on f7 best move is just blocking with black queen on f6 like my game, yes? Learning for future games

  6. the ending is not a mate because you can take the piece, but then the queen mates.

  7. That isn't maye… bout the black queen. Am I the only one that sees that

  8. I thought fried liver is the counter you play when they start with that opening. How is that called where you punish them for it?

  9. black simply takes the e4 pawn with their knight, if white goes ahead with the queen/rook fork, black brings queen out to f3, if white takes the rook, black has checkmate, if not white is doing well positionally. If white decides not to fork, amd instead takes blacks knight on e4, white pushes queens pawn forward two, forking bishop and knight.

  10. Luv all your Chess know how it speaks beyond language!

  11. When the king hides in g8, it's classier to take with queen.

  12. Doesnt black queen take your bishop to get out of check?

  13. How is that a checkmate? Queen takes bishop that is attacking.

  14. i started watching chess vids like a week ago.

    and i have yet to see black piece bully white piece😂 its not some sort of rqcism type of deal but, is playing 2nd really a big disadvantage?

  15. but can't he play with the queen and take your bishop??

  16. Why wouldn’t u move queen infront of king blocking check forcing a queen trade or blowing off the entire attack?

  17. why not move queen to block? This sacrifices the knight but allows for extra moves. I’m new to chess. This is a real question

  18. Everybody gangsta til the whip out the traxler

  19. That is not mate
    Not mate the queen takes the bishop and they are fine

  20. That wasn’t made as the black queen could of took the white bishop at d5

  21. This is not mate because queen can take the bishop

  22. But what if he don’t move his knight to f5 ??

  23. I’m new and learning. I love the content. Anybody wanna play?

  24. Why is chess ♟️ popping up ever 3 scrolls? I only asked YouTube for 4D chess once.

  25. I’m very new to chess and this is mind boggling to me 😅

  26. this actually works really good, made my opponent resign first game

  27. For anyone playing as black and wanting a counter to this, just let white take the rook and save your queen with Qa4. Then play Bf5 and mate with the queen on the next move.

  28. Its not yet a mate. The queen can take the bishop. But your queen can take it back resulting in a maye

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