The Greatest Opening in Chess

Learn the Evans Gambit Here!

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Erigaisi Arjun (2720) – Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2712)
Aimchess Rapid | Prelims ( [9] 2022.10.16
C51 Evans gambit, 5…Be7

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Be7 6.d4 d6 7.dxe5 Nh6 8.Bxh6 gxh6 9.Qd2 Nxe5 10.Nxe5 dxe5 11.Qxh6 Qd6 12.Qg7 Rf8 13.Nd2 Qf6 14.Qg3 Be6 15.Qe3 Bxc4 16.Nxc4 Qe6 17.Qd3 Rd8 18.Qe2 Bc5 19.Na5 Bb6 20.O-O Rd7 21.Nc4 f6 22.a4 Bc5 23.Ne3 Kd8 24.Rfd1 Kc8 25.Rxd7 Qxd7 26.g3 Rd8 27.Rd1 Qe6 28.Nf5 Rxd1+ 29.Qxd1 Qa2 30.Qf3 a5 31.Nh6 b5 32.Ng4 bxa4 33.Qxf6 a3 34.Kg2 Kb7 35.Qxe5 Qc4 36.Nf6 a2 37.Ne8 Bb6 38.Qe7 Qc5

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:22 Game Starts!
03:25 Completely New Game!
08:55 Pause the Video!
10:45 It was in this position!
12:30 Contributions

The Aimchess Rapid is the 8th of 9 events on the $1.6 million 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and takes place on chess24 from October 14-21. The 16-player field will be cut in half by the 4-day round-robin Prelims. The total prize fund is $150,000, with $750 for a win and $250 for a draw in the Prelims. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are 1-day, 4-game matches, while the final will feature two such matches over two days.

The players have 15 minutes for all their moves, plus a 10-second increment starting from move 1. In the Prelims there are 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. If a tiebreak is required the players will play two 5+3 games and then, if needed, a single Armageddon game, where White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4, but a draw counts as a win for Black. No draw offers are allowed before move 40. Official website:

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  1. Before I watched video I just released that this game will feature Evan's gambit
    Becouse Antonio Said " the greatest opening "

  2. I love the dog interruptions. You need to interview him.

  3. Medo couldn’t possibly miss the Evan’s Gambit.

  4. When you over estimate yourself to be first 😂

  5. Its not Hans niemann..the real cheaters are praggananda,arjun erigaisi,nihal sarin and gukesh…check their 🍑 for beads im sure you will find them

  6. even Medo can smell when Agad is cooking something special

  7. Life priorities: showing the best opening of all time versus Medo wants to come in the room

  8. If you want agad to make your video on his channel play Evans Gambit asap.

  9. How to be in agadmator channel : PLAY B4 in any position

  10. Posted a game in the Discord where my opponent played Evans but after b4 I played d5, Hein counter gambit. Got the W but my opponent blundered. Still, interesting reply to the Evans.

  11. Dogs are aware of themselves , and I think their more aware of what we give them credit , I think he knew you were making a video and rolled in got his spot and looked at himself on the screen and was all good

  12. Medo: "one does not simply miss the Evans Gambit"

  13. Arjun did it so he could feature on your video

  14. With all of Mamad's wins, how is Abdusatorov leading?

  15. Medo just in time to witness the greatest chess opening. You cant make this up

  16. U r a big big fan of that gambit….or say specialist… LOL❤️

  17. Great to see Shakh proving why is one of the top players!

    #Suggestion: please cover magnus vs Gukesh/Arjun

  18. We want interview that special person that interrupt!!!

  19. Sometimes Agad makes Videos all the time and sometimes he disappears!

  20. muh echo chamber b4 jokes. terribly reddity.

  21. I want all the happiness for you but for that you have to do Vipassna ; sorry you have to work for it

  22. Medo could sense a good game coming after hearing Antonio announcing the first few moves

  23. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    wow no magnus no hans. interesting…….

  24. 2 amazing games from *Sac*khriyar and now an Evan’s gambit 🔥

  25. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Does Magnus Carlsen have something against Americans?

    Hans Niemann (+ Hans' coach) is American.

    Wesley So 'completely obliterated' Magnus Carlsen in the 9LX world championship 13.5-2.5 and 4-0.

    Bobby Fischer invented 9LX.

    Hans Niemann is American (like Wesley So, Beth Harmon and Bobby Fischer – the 4 of them are American prodigies with dark childhoods).

    But consider the non-Americans of the next generation:

    Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa is not American: Magnus gives Pragg today round of APPLAUSE after his Stunning performance (Julius Baer Generation Cup 2022)

    Andrey Esipenko is not American: Magnus 'didn't say anything when got beaten by Esipenko'.

    Alireza Firouzja is not American: Don't really have anything to put here except Magnus and the Alireza thingy of world blitz 2019: Initially, Magnus talks on own time after Alireza moves. That's fine. But later after moving and then punching clock Magnus still continues to make noise.


    Magnus cheated against Daniel 'Danya' Naroditsky on lichess.

    Magnus described Hikaru Nakamura as merely 'decent'.

    Eric Rosen beat Magnus in 9LX.

    Magnus condescendingly asks Andrea Botez how knights move.

    St Louis Chess Club is in the US.

    Also there was that thing with Maurice Ashley.


    Is Magnus against Americans (joke theory)? Kostya Kavutskiy replies in Twitch. (2022Sep)

    'Magnus, like most Scandinavians, probably feels like America is a bit of a barbaric country.' – NM John Chernoff aka zugaddict from lichess and reddit (moderator of r/TournamentChess ) aka GargleBlaster from chesscom told me in chat in 2022Sep.

    When Wesley So or Bobby Fischer accuse people of cheating, we listen. When Magnus Carlsen accuses, we laugh. Magnus is a cheater too.

    Magnus was never the world champion. Wesley has been the world champion since 2019. Wesley will beat Magnus in Iceland in 2022Oct.

    Magnus sucks. Wesley rules.

    Magnus may be the best currently, but Wesley is the most talented currently. Magnus lost 4-0 actually 13.5-2.5 to Wesley in 9LX .

    Chess = great = a combination of theory and talent

    9LX = pure talent

    Talent is how good you are when there's no theory.

    Looks like Magnus is good only for openings. Turns out Magnus is a talentless patzer who crumbles without opening prep. PATHETIC.

    Note: Patzer means extremely good at openings but sucks at middlegames and endgames.

    So much for greatest endgame player of all time ey?

    Magnus is maybe a GOAT but THE GOAT? Please. How can you be THE GOAT when you're TALENTLESS?


    Wesley told Hikaru in stream that 50-70 years 9LX will replace chess. See my vids if you don't believe me. Wesley said in 2018 interview that Bobby or Garry is GOAT. Even if Magnus is GOAT, Magnus is definitely not MTOAT.

    Don't tell me about 2nd place. 2nd place in 9LX is pathetic for a 4x world chess champion esp 1 who later became 5x world chess champion.

    9LX removes openings, so Magnus should be STRONGER not LESS STRONG. Yet Magnus lost 13.5-2.5 to Wesley and didn't get a single win. Why?!?!?!!!!

    Magnus is a coward because:

    The 9LX world championship in Iceland doesn't have a candidates the same way the last 4 world chess championships do. Magnus had the privilege to defend against ONLY 1 OPPONENT each of the last 4 times. Here, there isn't like a tournament / a series of tournaments and then the unique winner will face Wesley. Rather Wesley and Magnus will play others in a tournament. Basically Wesley has to play the 9LX candidates to retain the world 9LX title while Magnus never had to play the candidates the last 4 times! If Magnus isn't a coward then Magnus should complain about this!

    Why the Hell should we accept a new champion esp if it's Magnus if they become champion without beating Wesley?

    Imagine a round robin of just Wesley Magnus Nepo and Fabi. Imagine they all draw except 1 game where Magnus beats Nepo. Then Magnus out-scores Wesley to become world 9LX champion without actually beating Wesley? PATHETIC! ABSURD! REPREHENSIBLE! COWARDLY! saynoto2900

    Bobby Fischer was on top for only a short period of time because FIDE and Anatoly Karpov (no offense Sergey!) were cowards who ran away from Bobby.

    See? It's happening again. FIDE and Magnus are being cowards running away from Wesley.

    9LX saynoto2900

    Magnus cheated with David Howell against Danya naroditsky

    1 – in the lichess thing.

    2 – in relationships. Lol.

    Anyway Magnus also cheated in world blitz 2019 in distracting alireza.

    Also Magnus cheated nepo with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' as part of gaslighting the reporter.

    Magnus is like the cheaters tigran V petrosian and tigran L petrosian and is unlike the HONEST people Wesley so and Bobby Fischer. I guess 9LX players have more integrity than chess players.

    Google "magnus carlsen gaslighting"

    Quote 1:

    After playing Chess960, I realise how mentally unwell chess players become the more they play it. They know they will get the same ideal setup every game and they deny the fact that they will mess it up unless they memorise some other geek's ideas. In Chess960 there is nothing to deny. You know you are going to get a far from ideal start position and you know it is up to you to make the best of it and you know you will be playing moves nobody has tried before.

    Which is better for your mental health?

    Quote 2:

    Chess960: The winner is the more agile mind. Chess: The winner is the biggest nerd.

    Villain: Magnus Carlsen.
    Supervillain: Hans Niemann.
    Difference? (Not anal beads but) PRESENTATION

    Who's the biggest sore loser?

    Light Yagami (death note), Magnus Carlsen (chess), Garrett Adelstein (poker), Magnus Carlsen (chess960)

    Note: This post is not (completely) serious.

  26. Who is fast in chess / rapid games?  
    whoever it is.. Agad is faster in uploads!

  27. Is this perhaps the best comment section on YouTube?

  28. Title for this video should be MEDO’s Gambit😅

  29. You know someone is in a winning streak when even the Evan's Gambit can not stop him.

  30. It might be hard to believe, but playing B4 literally saved my life.

  31. I wonder if any 2700s chess player want to willingly play Evans Gambit so he could be featured in Agad's video lol

  32. Hahaha im sure this must have made your day Agadmator!

  33. It's so nice seeing Agadmator acting like a child unwrapping a Christmas present

  34. 4. b4 And it was in this position that Mamedyarov knew he would be featured in his second consecutive Agadmator video recap.

  35. Shak is simply in unstoppable form now

  36. The smile on Agadmator's face as he savours the mention of "Evans gambit" is on a whole different level 🔥😁

  37. moma derOFF is awsome the way he send in the Cardinal and crushes the
    popes gambit.

  38. Ty for your effort and always bringing interesting games

  39. Still think the King's Evans Gambit was the best opening. 😉

  40. I wonder wether the „old“ gambits like Evansgambit and King`s gambit are still sound to play in these times! What does i.e. Alpha Zero or Stockfish make of them?

  41. Regarding the PTV moment, why not Qb3? Both white's a and c pawns are hanging, and there's no move that can protect both before you just win a pawn.

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