The Hidden Tricks & Traps of the London Opening | Chess Lesson with Andrea Botez

WARNING: After watching this video, you may be convinced to start playing the London Opening.
While the London System has a reputation of being “dry” and “boring” in certain online circles, it has countless tricks and traps that are pretty unknown to the average chess player. In fact, the London is a hugely underestimated opening by both amateurs and chess professionals! In this video, I have a London Opening masterclass with Andrea Botez of @BotezLive and share some of my favorite traps, deep preparation, and tips & tricks. If you want more London instruction, check out my 8-hour video course:

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lichess study (containing most of the analysis discussed in this video):

0:00 The London is NOT Boring
1:17 Early Deviations (2. Bf4 vs 2. Nf3)
4:51 Tricky Ba6 TRAP
13:40 Punishing …Bf5
18:31 Dealing with Copycats
21:57 The toughest line for Andrea (…Qb6)
24:36 Complex & Rich AlphaZero Novelty Line
34:16 Agadmator’s Anti-London (…c5/…Qb6)
39:24 Secret Preparation for Andrea to CRUSH Alexandra’s King’s Indian Defense
55:13 How Stockfish DESTROYS the King’s Indian Defense setup

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  1. Andrea Botez is so wise. She catches all the nuances that Eric speaks in his lectures. Such as Bringing up how this is a "Novelty in the London" as being part of a strong refined history. She picks up alot from just a little bit of information. Truly Insightful.

  2. I'am looking forward to London lessons with other players, Botez voice can be a bit sharp to listen to sometimes.

  3. These are great lessons. I'm killing it with the London, and going to watch the last one with you guys published.

  4. Why is everyone so mean? She just has a bubbly voice, most streamers do. Personally I like the different tones they both have. Plus you’re focusing on the wrong thing when you have this invaluable video 😐

  5. best video you can find for london preparation …😍🙌

  6. Is there any free databases anyone can use

  7. 7:39 Those who think they shot the wrong arrow (I'm using a translation, maybe I spelled it wrong)


  8. I can’t believe I saw rook b3 I was wondering why they didn’t play it!!!

  9. @10:20 had this same position and Black simply just played Qb6 lol – completely derailed it and no more tricks lol

  10. Can anybody share the pgn for these variations??

  11. I need friends like Eric. I bet he's one of the most trustworthy, honest people I'll never get to meet. Your friends are so lucky.

  12. do you have more lessons about london system? thanks.

  13. Can't believe she's alot better than me lol

  14. London seems to look easy when Eric shows it. But when I play it, I'm getting crushed.

  15. Like imagine dealing with a female like that in real life I would have killed myself oh my God

  16. Bro no chance you just said that you discovered some of the lines from the London opening these positions have been played thousands of times any position you can think of husband played so you didn't discover anything oh my gosh

  17. Her voice is like a ticking bomb until it explodes

  18. Thanks Eric! I'm a London Player and learned a few things.

  19. Im learning chess, and am really wanting to get better, but this is all theory right? I feel like every video i watch nothing ever plays out the way i learned.

  20. a video of this without her would help my ears

  21. Eric's such a nice guy. The Mr. Rogers of chess.
    Tikkun Olam.

  22. The first time I watched this (I watch a lot of Eric’s chess videos) I admit I was a little irked by Andrea’s volume, but I’ve come to really like this video. Not just for the content, but for Andrea’s energy and Eric’s eternal patience. They both have top level channels and i wish them all the best.

  23. She talks as if she has something in her mouth

  24. Why does she sound like a 12 year old boy?

  25. andrea talks like kandi form two and a half men 🤣

  26. 19:11 I think black has Bxa2 here after c4, and whichever piece you take back with, Bb4+, and white either has to move the king or block with the knight, but then Ne4 from black and you can’t defend the knight

  27. What is Andrea drinking? Anyway, she is a lot smarter than she sounds….for sure! Her legend is all about the sounds she makes when she is calculating. Bang, bang or bam, bam?? She is an interesting young lady.

  28. Dude looks like your face got hit with a big of nickles

  29. Can't share my blow with a nose like that

  30. Man with that big head of yours u probably can set it up next to the past presidents of Mount Rushmore. U probably have some good lungs with all of that oxygen u taking in when u breathe

  31. What if Queen B6 during the Ba6 trap, after Ba6? Went over the line on the analysis board and it looks like black is -3.5 in that variation.

  32. that Ba6 trick helped me win an important game

  33. I wish I could go back in time before Eric had any sort of streamer/youtube career and just hire him as a coach to teach me a better form of the London. I used to play it and then moved on because I just wasn’t getting what I want out of it and it wasn’t until this boom of chess content online did I realize some of these other cool ideas and ways to play the London. I learned it as a kid without many resources or any sort of online chess content and I really learned the boring old set up the same way every time basic approach

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