The Hidden Tricks & Traps of the London Opening | Chess Lesson with Andrea Botez

WARNING: After watching this video, you may be convinced to start playing the London Opening.
While the London System has a reputation of being “dry” and “boring” in certain online circles, it has countless tricks and traps that are pretty unknown to the average chess player. In fact, the London is a hugely underestimated opening by both amateurs and chess professionals! In this video, I have a London Opening masterclass with Andrea Botez of @BotezLive and share some of my favorite traps, deep preparation, and tips & tricks. If you want more London instruction, check out my 8-hour video course:

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lichess study (containing most of the analysis discussed in this video):

0:00 The London is NOT Boring
1:17 Early Deviations (2. Bf4 vs 2. Nf3)
4:51 Tricky Ba6 TRAP
13:40 Punishing …Bf5
18:31 Dealing with Copycats
21:57 The toughest line for Andrea (…Qb6)
24:36 Complex & Rich AlphaZero Novelty Line
34:16 Agadmator’s Anti-London (…c5/…Qb6)
39:24 Secret Preparation for Andrea to CRUSH Alexandra’s King’s Indian Defense
55:13 How Stockfish DESTROYS the King’s Indian Defense setup

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  1. Who on hell is this annoying woman? She is spoiling whole of the video.

  2. at 11:18 I think best move here is Qa5 threatening to take whites queen if they take the pawn while also threatening to take the bishop if they move their queen. If QxQa5 Nxa5 defending b7 continuing the attack on the bishop. It looks like it leads to a rough time for white too as it allows BxBf4 while creating a center semi open file further allowing an improved position for black with castles and rooks on center files and black gets to open the center kinda whenever after that.

  3. This is a bummer. I wanted to watch this but after 15 seconds of Fran….. I mean Botez I actually stuck a flat head screwdriver in in each one of my ears.

  4. flaring the nostrils increases oxygen intake. Brain will perform better.

  5. and get a whiff of jiff. can u say whiff theses days? Rosen is good because he gives real life examples and alternativesj

  6. london, u have bishop d3, white, black plays pawn c4. Bishop drops back? seems like should be a better punishing move , no eric/andrea??

  7. how about when you play the london and you start of with d4 and then they play e5 and you cant put your bishop out i need help nobody is covering this

  8. hey! i have question.. what to do when enemy bishop goes to Bf5 and at the beginning black didn't play C5?

  9. That's the sexiest female voice in chess 🙂 I love her voice…

  10. Just beat the 1500 AI with all this new info! You guys rock srly

  11. Eric, superb coaching on the London and even better interpersonal technique with Andrea. I like the way you actively engaged her in ways that kept her on task. Well done!

  12. I agree with you Andrea, it is so hard to know when the right moment is to break open the center. I have been studying this and it has improved my game tremendously.

  13. Eric, I love that you are pointing out weak squares and how to take advantage of them, this is something that I am working on.

  14. That's girls like …. That's my secret I'm always high 🤷

  15. does anyone know how to do a practice game like this? I've been teaching a friend that just started but cant seem to figure out how to play a game against him where we can go back a few moves to review what happened

  16. I am really interested on the content of this video. However, I feel it is impossible to stand Andrea if more than 15 y/o

  17. Eric: So this is how I would set up against the Bongcloud
    Andrea: Oh yeah- I was just going to ask about the Bongcloud

  18. Its like a good Teacher teaching a naughty student. Andrea pls let him speak more, that wud bring more insight to all of us.

  19. Her voice is so annoying. Can't stand it, can't watch this tactics (((((((((((

  20. I've used the Ba6 trap and I can say this is my favourite line with the London opening and i was so happy to learn and use it.

  21. Despite the annoyances of the constant interjections and unnecessary commentary, this is easily the most useful chess video on YT

  22. I have really big problem to choose the volume to listen to this video

  23. I actually think the voice is sexy as hell. It may be loud yeah, but it's that valley girl accent. Just like Gwen Stefani.

  24. i find Andrea's voice soo cute. Is it just me?

  25. This is beautiful chess at display it is so satisfying to watch.

  26. I did end up beating a fide master in the line eric beat hikaru with, he also ended up saccing his queen but then lost in the end… i am 1200 btw lol

  27. @10:08: Can someone explain why after they castle, we're taking the bishop on f4 first instead of the knight on c6? If we take the knight on c6, we're still going to win the f4 bishop after black plays Rb8, so why do we need to take the bishop first?

  28. Nf3 is not a move for 2 years already(
    Andrea is wonderful, Eric is clever!! Great pair, Guys

  29. "Экая скверная баба! Даже хуже своего пана!" (Гоголь).

  30. The girl keeps interrupting Eric. Too annoying and distracting!

  31. hi , what are you referring to when you say you can use the engine ? is the engine a program to try out ideas ? if so where can i find it please ? many thanks ian.

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