The Hidden Tricks & Traps of the London Opening | Chess Lesson with Andrea Botez

WARNING: After watching this video, you may be convinced to start playing the London Opening.
While the London System has a reputation of being “dry” and “boring” in certain online circles, it has countless tricks and traps that are pretty unknown to the average chess player. In fact, the London is a hugely underestimated opening by both amateurs and chess professionals! In this video, I have a London Opening masterclass with Andrea Botez of @BotezLive and share some of my favorite traps, deep preparation, and tips & tricks. If you want more London instruction, check out my 8-hour video course:

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lichess study (containing most of the analysis discussed in this video):

0:00 The London is NOT Boring
1:17 Early Deviations (2. Bf4 vs 2. Nf3)
4:51 Tricky Ba6 TRAP
13:40 Punishing …Bf5
18:31 Dealing with Copycats
21:57 The toughest line for Andrea (…Qb6)
24:36 Complex & Rich AlphaZero Novelty Line
34:16 Agadmator’s Anti-London (…c5/…Qb6)
39:24 Secret Preparation for Andrea to CRUSH Alexandra’s King’s Indian Defense
55:13 How Stockfish DESTROYS the King’s Indian Defense setup

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  1. It is a little boring when you've opened with it 2000 times in a row.

  2. Some of the lines are probably plays by 1000 rating, stupid and illogical

  3. Now that you crushed Agadmator's anti-london with your anti-anti-london, I need an anti-anti-anti-london system. 🤮

  4. This is what doing school projects with the quite smart kid and girl-power popular smart girl in your group feels like.

  5. En el minuto 19. No debería jugar c4 directamente, para después de e6 contestar con Db3? Que pasa si después de e3 e6. C3 alfil b4 jaque? Muchas gracias por tus clases son excelentes

  6. Wow, I saw the tactic way before Andrea, I must be a master.

  7. Awesome!!! Loving the videos! Look into using promosm! It is the best way to promote your videos.

  8. She sounds like a booze hag, sipping on her gin and tonic

  9. Eric keeping me in which Botez's odd squeaky voice is pushing me out… There should be an option to optionally mute audio

  10. 19:15 Wouldn't black just play Bxb1 here? Looking to play Bb4+ on the next move


  12. Hey IM Rosen- Thanks for the video… very helpful….any tips on books or videos to prepare for the lines you showed against the KID? I have never seen those lines before and would love to study them in detail before i play them…

  13. In a way this analysis is something that Bobby Fischer hated because he said all the modern players just memorize the openings so there’s nothing creative there. I guess that’s one of the reasons why he invented his 960 chess play.

  14. 38:05 What do you do if cxd4? After exd4, black plays Nd5 and the engine shows the best move is Bc1. Seems like black is better here

  15. Andrea's interruptions are annoying, like at 44:12 I would have liked to hear what Eric was about to say, but she cuts him off for the nineteenth time..

  16. Her sound is so annoying eric, dont get me wrong ur education is great but she jst turn my brain off

  17. Hi sorry i'm pretty new, when you say "engine", whats the exact engine / website you use ?

  18. Andrea is extra exhaustive in this video.

  19. @Eric Rosen when do you use this engine you speak of?

  20. 10 seconds in… must skip. You all know why

  21. tbh i always pronounced Agadmator, as A gad mator, bc i thought it was a play on "a mad gator" lulz

  22. Andrea is 3 rungs up your ladder. Sorry Eric.

  23. Don’t let the mania fool you. Andrea has a brilliant mind. Both her and Eric are great teachers, too. I want to thank them for all their help.

  24. This is this most serious I’ve seen andrea in the few weeks i’ve been following you all 😅

  25. thank you Eric, i am a big fan of london system.. i get some new ideas from this video

  26. This video sounds be renamed "The Two Bobs". One is Bob Ross and the other is Bobcat Goldwaithe.

  27. im 30 seconds in and this is intense, Andrea actually let Eric talk/teach… Together this solid commentary so far… 1:15

  28. Her voice isn't annoying. Probably a Miley Cyrus fan.

  29. Can anyone teach me how to destroy an opponents mind and spirit, and cause irreversible psychological trauma that would inflict eternal suffering?? Please

  30. It's terrible. Don't call her ever again!

  31. How sweet, a chess date. Maybe you can binge-watch Queens Gambit later. You might have more fun with the Bong Cloud on a date than the London. Perhaps there's a play called The Czarina that has some play between the knight and the queen. I'm just sayin' keep an eye on your women when Thunderbolt the Wondercolt is around. You two look like the type that would drink absynthe on your date.
    Memorizing all the lines and openings isn't nearly as impressive as memorizing the Tao of Sex and the Kama Sutra, with brainiacs like you two one would think you'd get busy making children, the world is full of idiots, much in need of an upgrade. Time is short…

  32. Botez is going to need Botox if she keeps drinking from a straw, that causes lip wrinkles. It's also bad for the environment.

  33. Did anyone notice she is looking here and there all the time! "Lack of Focus" ! :/

  34. who screams like that while they play chess? what a mess

  35. I mean she sounds vapid but she's labeling the squares effortlessly, so I guess she's a gm.

  36. 15:25 what if you just develop a piece and they advance their e6 pawn to e5 ? you will lose a minor piece ?

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