The Hidden Tricks & Traps of the London Opening | Chess Lesson with Andrea Botez

WARNING: After watching this video, you may be convinced to start playing the London Opening.
While the London System has a reputation of being “dry” and “boring” in certain online circles, it has countless tricks and traps that are pretty unknown to the average chess player. In fact, the London is a hugely underestimated opening by both amateurs and chess professionals! In this video, I have a London Opening masterclass with Andrea Botez of @BotezLive and share some of my favorite traps, deep preparation, and tips & tricks. If you want more London instruction, check out my 8-hour video course:

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lichess study (containing most of the analysis discussed in this video):

0:00 The London is NOT Boring
1:17 Early Deviations (2. Bf4 vs 2. Nf3)
4:51 Tricky Ba6 TRAP
13:40 Punishing …Bf5
18:31 Dealing with Copycats
21:57 The toughest line for Andrea (…Qb6)
24:36 Complex & Rich AlphaZero Novelty Line
34:16 Agadmator’s Anti-London (…c5/…Qb6)
39:24 Secret Preparation for Andrea to CRUSH Alexandra’s King’s Indian Defense
55:13 How Stockfish DESTROYS the King’s Indian Defense setup

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  1. I just finished watching this. Now I don't even remember the first trap!

  2. Andrea is so beautiful but god damn, Eric has such a calm and soothing voice then she is screaming even while talking😭😂

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