The Hidden Tricks & Traps of the London Opening | Chess Lesson with Andrea Botez

WARNING: After watching this video, you may be convinced to start playing the London Opening.
While the London System has a reputation of being “dry” and “boring” in certain online circles, it has countless tricks and traps that are pretty unknown to the average chess player. In fact, the London is a hugely underestimated opening by both amateurs and chess professionals! In this video, I have a London Opening masterclass with Andrea Botez of @BotezLive and share some of my favorite traps, deep preparation, and tips & tricks. If you want more London instruction, check out my 8-hour video course:

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lichess study (containing most of the analysis discussed in this video):

0:00 The London is NOT Boring
1:17 Early Deviations (2. Bf4 vs 2. Nf3)
4:51 Tricky Ba6 TRAP
13:40 Punishing …Bf5
18:31 Dealing with Copycats
21:57 The toughest line for Andrea (…Qb6)
24:36 Complex & Rich AlphaZero Novelty Line
34:16 Agadmator’s Anti-London (…c5/…Qb6)
39:24 Secret Preparation for Andrea to CRUSH Alexandra’s King’s Indian Defense
55:13 How Stockfish DESTROYS the King’s Indian Defense setup

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  1. Great info…. can't stand her voice so couldn't get through the video.

  2. I trap myself while playing these traps

  3. 10:10 why do you take the bishop first? I can’t see why maybe I’m overthinking it.

  4. The most beautiful chess player ever teaching Andrea Botez lines in the London

  5. Idk why YouTube stopped recommending your videos in my feed. This was an awesome lesson.

  6. I start winning games using this opening

  7. Hello everybodyI know russian languageМожно было выиграть намного раньше:Kc3Dandelion GirlJuliet💃

  8. very educational but she is honstely soo annying to watch. This woman is so self-centered and talks way too much about what she does or does not remember and eric takes so long to come up with the moves anyways but then also has to kinda adress her nonsense talk as well which really makes the video seem to last forever :/ still thankfull for the good chess advice!

  9. OMG, Queen to C8. How do you not cover this move in the first 15 minutes?

  10. I have a question about the ba6 trap. What if black plays Rb8?

  11. Ba6 trap? I'm wondering if Qa5 queen trade would end the threat?

  12. Anyone feeling sorry for the shooter is not my friend

  13. I just finished watching this. Now I don't even remember the first trap!

  14. Andrea is so beautiful but god damn, Eric has such a calm and soothing voice then she is screaming even while talking😭😂

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