The Magnus Carlsen Gambit

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  1. that last game wasnt just disrespectul it was downright evil

  2. Magnus plays more like a cheater than the cheaters he beats

  3. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤❤

  4. Great commentating and very entertaining.

  5. the thumbnail is just a normal starting position with the c and f pawns moved forward one square

  6. the thumbnail is just a normal starting position with the c and f pawns moved forward one square

  7. All he needs to do after this is castle by hand. That is unbelievable humiliation. 😂

  8. How people look at Messi, Ronaldo or Haaland, adds cuz he's the greatest player of all time 😂 Bro, he's good but giving him Messi-Ron status is exaggerating. Maybe see him in constant performance for another, idk 13 years? Because at the top level, to be the GOAT. You gotta be consistently the best of the best. Which Messi and Ron already achieved

  9. I love that he experiments and enjoys the game and doesn't just play book moves. It is a game at the end…

  10. Anybody knows where to buy the book with title “101 chess openings of Magnus Carlsen”?

  11. I love how like a toddler, Magnus got blocked from doing his meme one way, so he found another

  12. 6:00 there is a mate pattern
    White knight moves to f6 check
    1. If king moves h8 or f8 then black queen is gone
    2. If pawn captures knight then pawn captures pawn with a check with rook wherever the king moves queen to h6 is mate

  13. Anyone else does this they get accused of cheating

  14. Magnus legit stole your move "the rook!!" And used his gambit…smh… I will take my leave now

  15. 6:09 why
    Not going for a check with the knight?
    And forcing him to take and then take with the pawn , that's check with the rook and then with queen its mate??

  16. "Wait doesn't the king start on the same color? Don't worry I'll fix it."

  17. I'm glad to see Magnus playing some of these lesser known openings. This one, for instance, is known as "The Ol' Switch-a-roo Gambit." 😂

  18. gotham chess be like
    starts to record
    calls you a lady/gentleman
    does everyday yt thing
    hates on magnus but loves him at the same time
    tells you to get out of here
    does not explain further

  19. Baydrix New Zealand War Robot Fanatics says:

    Magnus trolling😎 GM 😥

  20. How to perform the Magnus gambit:

    Step 1: Be Magnus.
    Step 2: Play chess.

  21. I played a game against Martin and moved my bishops to the opposite ends of the board and swapped knights, and the game was still only -0.16. But it was Martin, so, you know.

  22. Hi Levy!
    My name is Ali.

    I don’t know if you see this or not, but if you do, first of all I want to thank you.

    Also, I wanted to share something interesting. This video is my favorite video on the internet, seriously. I almost always feel in a rush and anxious but for some reason the first time I watched this video I got soooo engaged and excited that I forgot about everything. Yes, I was excited but also focused and very calm. and it turned out that was not just for the first time! This video has become my safe spot. Every now and then, at night, I watch this video all over again, just as a break from everything. Chess is amazing and you are the best person in the world to express it, Levy. Thank you again, love you ❤️

  23. If you do it it's dumb if a godly gm does it it's something awesome

  24. The 2nd gm could sac a bishop and force a queen trade to prolong his misery though

  25. Magnus Carlsen certainly is one of the players of all time

  26. Did u just prefer Halland over the golden Goats

  27. This is… the most ridiculous thing I've seen in my whole life.

  28. The moment he said "…..or Haaland. Cuz Haaland is the best player" every football fan here left

  29. Nah man he’s actually psychotic 😭🤣

  30. Ding liren's kings move ↑<<<>> magnus king's move 🫡

  31. Wait, the White bishop would cover the check and protect the rook, No?

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