The Modern Benoni is No Baloney: Part 1 – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz presents the first of three Modern Benoni lectures. The Benoni is a sharp 1. d4 opening. Part 1 focuses on the Taimanov Attack variation.

Evgeny Bareev vs Veselin Topalov, Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting (2002): A67 Benoni, Taimanov variation


  1. Just found your channel and loving it. I liked the video on the Scandinavian Defense, but was wondering if you might revisit it and look at some non-main lines. Specifically, 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf3 and some of the pitfalls or gambits against white with 3. c4 e6. Also, potentially 2. Nc3 … as this move – while not common – instantly puts the casual Scandinavian Defense player in an uncomfortable position. As black, I've been playing 2. Nc3 d4 but I'd be curious if there's a better move or exploring whites response to d4.

  2. Not that i will ever probably play this is as black but could we have a C3 Sicilian opening explained.

    At my club, my main opponent is a 2000 rated teen who is completely dominant in hedgehog scheveningens when he plays them as black and he plays them ALL THE TIME! I can't play d4 because he confuses me with a weird, messed up line of the king's indian and i can't play nf3 because that is the move he knows how to wreck the most. I need c3 sicilian because it will completely confuse him. Thanks!

  3. Why can't you just play bishop D2 instead of knight D2, forcing the bishop to either trade or retreat?

  4. Everyone should check out the Noteboom Variation of the Slav it has led to many enjoyable games for me and really gives players practice with connected passed pawns.

  5. Wow thought Jonathan was at least IM or above. Just shows how much one can be wrong about people and their appearance. He seems very professional…

  6. Great lecture as always! Any chance of doing a defence against the English?

  7. Why (at 10:08 minuts in the video) can't white simply take on e5 with his bishop?

  8. if anyone is interested in some aggressive and relatively strange, unplayed sidelines to learn as white against the Modern Benoni, I have a video on my channel going in depth in some of the lines.

  9. What happens if 3… e6 then 4. d6 trying to cramp black's position?

  10. When this man analyses openings I put faith in it.

  11. I would like to know what's the difference between 1. d4 c5 and 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5. Won't the same lines be reached after 1. d4 c5 2. d5 e6 3.c4 Nf6 ?

  12. "Tickling my d pawn" is my new favorite euphemism.

  13. At 48.44 “Don’t play Kg1 because I take on g5 with check"…? Meaning Rxg5 I assume. Then Bxg5 and what white plays? I don’t see it.

  14. Wow! This is crazy! Now you know why it's called the Benoni, meaning "son of sorrow" in Hebrew. This is the defense famously played by Fischer on his Game 3 against Spassky, the first one won by Bobby (after one loss, one no-show and too many on-the-edge commings and goings) in the so-called Match of the Century.

  15. Please make a vedio on french defence
    Classical variation
    Tarrach varition
    Exchange variation
    Advance varition

  16. Please make a vedio on french defence
    Classical variation
    Tarrach varition
    Exchange variation
    Advance varition

  17. I Always thought Jonathan was quit high rated but I actually realize although his opening knowledge seems to be way ahead of mine that i am higher rated than him

  18. Hello jonathan , can do the catalan opening please ?

  19. 40:32 its not a pawn for a rook..its a knight and pawn for rook 🙂

  20. Schrantz dealing with a tough audience with the a5 move ahhaha, well done…"we move on"

  21. I don´t get the opening. No idea how to play this mysterious game of Benoni.

  22. 10:04 I don't get it.
    With c4 you will trade a rook for a bishop, where is the brilliance in the move c4?

  23. At 38:15, if WHite takes on e1 with the Queen and Black (as Jonathan proposes) plays…Nc2 forking Q and R, Black needs to know he doesn't mind the White reply Qe6+ followed by Ng5. Looks a bit nasty ….

  24. is it 2 much to ask to pronounce Fianchetto correctly?

  25. No one can afford to loose their Mother 👸🏽

  26. I lost a game playing black against this d4 c5 d5 , I almost smashed my head to the wall and resign and cry like Ben Finegold says

  27. i'm trying to defeat stockfish l6 2300, it rarely ever plays book. you'll always lose in tactical positions. it'll out manouevre you, over work your pieces and go in for the kill

  28. 22:14 Never played the benoni before but maybe I should. Bxc3 was the first move I looked at. It's the only move that looks natural imo

  29. 32:02 Prophetic, man. This was 4 years ago. Look at what Schrantz is doing now

  30. 2:24 "Pawn skeleton" sounds so depressing for some reason :p

  31. and what happens if we cover the king not with a knight but with the bishop? White takes and trades the bishops and then moves pawn e5 or white immediately moves pawn e5, gets rid of knight on c6 and let's black take the bishop on B5. To be short: if black covers king with the bishop, who then trades the bishops?

  32. Thanks a lot for the instructive video great effort and precise explanation

  33. This guy resembles Daniel Shiffman from The Coding Train!

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