The Mona Lisa Of Chess

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  1. Your clickbait is such a masterpiece that it has ceased to be clickbait

  2. Someone gotta check Gufeld for some beads…

  3. I'm so glad I clicked. I'm a simple man. I see GothamChess, I click

  4. hi lewy,
    if you plan on making a christmas video, you could play a game with three kings (in honor of the three holy kings)

  5. Not sure if it was an accident but it seems like you cut out the part that explains who these two players are and their story.? It just started straight off with the first move kind of different from how you normally set up the context of the match

  6. Morocco🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  7. "Ring around the rosies" checkmate is one of my favorites. I think I got it once or maybe saw it in a puzzle.

  8. i am moroccan and im happy cus you mentioned the game against spain love you

  9. I am naturally commenting in this video🙂

  10. Morocco will win the World Cup. Bono in goal. The Edge may be old buts he’s spry down the wing.

  11. I clicked. Not disappointed. LEVY is the GOAT!

  12. So the computer wants to close the center, resolve the Q-side a bit, and then attack on the king side. Seems pretty reasonable, re your comment on what the computer wanted to do before the initial assault on black's king side. There's a reason the computers are more consistent than humans.

  13. Wow. Watching this is like watching serious basketball players play the game above the rim, while I can hardly jump to touch the rim (bad jumper, short reach, not an athlete).

    I was a decent tourney class A chess player 30 years ago, but this is just amazing to me. It's the kind of stuff I'm afraid to play and if I try, I ALWAYS miss something and so I mess it up too often (re such aggressive swashbuckling attacks).

  14. I did trust and then the ending of the morrocco game was ruined for me. (It's my own fault. I can only watch them after they play)

  15. Levy, please consider an audition for a death metal band, as a lead voice. I imagine you grawling for a Cannibal Corpse song: Bishop beee threee. Then pig squeel: mate in seventeen!

  16. Playing with that clickbait 🔥 😉 (all of your videos are worth it)

  17. I remember Gufeld showing this game in a lecture after which I played in a simul he gave. Gufeld was a big character and great tactician.

  18. Art of Chess-How to play chess like a Grandmaster says:

    Thanks for posting this amazing game ❤

  19. Love how the algorithm shows me the Mona Lisa of chess then follows it up with Hikaru playing f’ing duck chess 😂

  20. Who else doesn’t like the screaming of a move

  21. Why did white not just take the knight on d3 with the d1 rook?

  22. That's a decent looking radiator in the background there

  23. 16:06 What would happen in this position if Bagirov instead took the Knight with the Rook? Obviously, still Qb8+, but after that?

  24. holy shit. the cheering kids sounded like they were behind me, I was so surprised I almost thought I had a birthday

  25. The monisa indeed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. amazing video but there is only one question unanswered

    why is there no pin of shame?

  27. Just an FYI @GothamChess, in spain they do lisp in most regions, but it's on the "z", "ci" or "ce", not the s, so España is just phonetically espunyuh. Curiously, its impossible for them to pronounce a word that starts with s without adding an "eh" on the front.. Took me a while to get used to "ehsprite" for the lemony soda.

  28. 0:38 just a while ago I watched them knock out Portugal, I really hope they go all the way and win it, this team is a masterclass in defending

  29. Gotta be a Vincent with that swirly queen action

  30. Both Brazil and Portugal loosing at this point is weird. Underdogs taking over. Unexpected.

  31. most famous chess games would probably be hans niemann vs magnus carlsen.

  32. I love the comment "the pawn is the anchor" – such a great metaphor coming with a big Aha-Effect for me…

  33. why couldn't the rook just take the black knight on D3

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