The Most Important Queen Trap You Should Know [Exchange_Slav] | Basic Chess Opening Trap | CheckMate

Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. In this video, you will learn the basic queen trap in the Exchange Slav game.
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  1. Congratulations you've trapped your own queen!!! (The board is on black's POV)

  2. Bishop can give check and after the king moves.. There will be equal trade of queen.. Use your brain before replying man

  3. Bishop to b4+White slides the kingThen Queen to e7If pawn captures the bishop, then capture the pawn and queen is saved

  4. indian ai voice, never knew we would end up like this

  5. pα†r⊕ηï⊕uš αuguuš† ïïï says:

    Great video. I like your voice.

  6. Man I thought you were going to say something to help the black

  7. Looks like blk would dominate from that point onwards

  8. using weird looking chess pieces is not a good idea when teaching tbh

  9. Bishop at f8 to b4 saves the queen. Bb4+, axb4, Qxb4+.

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