The Most Overpowered Chess Opening Ever Invented

Carlsen Invented The Most Powerful Chess Opening In History. Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening – The Plough! Magnus Carlsen played pawn to h4, the plough, in Titled Tuesday Chess, 25th June 2024, late tournament on Epic game of chess.

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  1. In reality, this was very poor play. His opponent could have won.

  2. That line was so incredible more precisely I should say incredibly instructional in a readily asorbable fasion ❤

  3. how can this be epic when magnus made so many mistakes? his opponent just made more…

  4. I'm a simple man, i see epic cheese i click

  5. didn't he throw the game several times?
    So this is not really about the system. It is more about a WFM not finding the right moves.

  6. Day 387 of the daily milking Magnus. JK, great content, haha!

  7. Imagine being 2300 playing Magnus and he goes nuts like this in the opening. Anyone else, any peer, you'd have the confidence to attack and destroy. But it's Mongoose Carapace and you just flap around in fear and distress.

  8. Hopefully not down the pub watching the cricket

  9. I have had same or very similar positions like this because I played "Grob Gambit" over 20,000 times last 5 years (Blitz)

  10. Magnus is defeating these guys, like Pei Mei defeats his enemies.
    "You think you're good, but you're not you know. Hahaha. I can beat you ALL, without using Standard openings. Hahahahaha." 😮

  11. Magnus wants to be the first player to play h9!

  12. I Love your English and understand all

  13. She became understandably flustered and made her own variation of the Botez Gambit.

  14. I actually saw Ng6 but I totally would’ve screwed up the follow up

  15. Buster Keaton would've been really proud of black. Almost an overtake of Carlsen's bullet train by a mere bicycle. So close!

  16. Epicchess not afraid to premove the video and head down to the pub, that's my goat

  17. See the son of Carl plowing, really nice

  18. You're my favourite youtuber right now! Hope you won the pub quiz!

  19. 6 am in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Viet Nam and my brain is broken!!! Magnus Carlsen is too strong and your analyse is really good my friend. Thanks for it 😉

  20. I don’t like chess. It seems like an entirely deterministic game. Am I wrong? I genuinely would love to be wrong because it would mean that I could just develop my skills more. But as far as I can tell, chess basically punishes any single mistake and negates any opportunity for redemption, save for the opponent making an equally foolish mistake, which doesn’t really satisfy the problem

  21. I play a variation in 3 min 1000 rated where I push h4, h5, and if they push kings pawn in response I go d4 and premove c3 nxc3 with ideas of bf4 similar to a London line. Black tends to overplay into the pawn on the right allowing me to castle queenside, trade off the dark bishop, and generally be just hard to attack

  22. Magnus just gets away with stuff. Cheers James.

  23. Not even a good game ,let alone "the most overpowered chess opening"…game full of blunders

  24. "the plow" actually even confuses some of the bots.

  25. Levy is somewhere mad he didn't eat off Magnus sooner

  26. I think black played quite well most of this game, although perhaps she was a little slow, so she blundered in the end. At the end the position became so complicated you need at least a few minutes to calculate all the lines properly.

  27. I don't mind the constant Magnus videos, but you need new screenshots for the intro. It's getting repetitive.

  28. Thank you for this content. Another great chess match covered. The way you explained the opportunities available to black versus what was played, kinda shows how the mind reacts to alarm and pressure. Magnus, as always, cool as ice.

  29. "They're coming down like Space Invaders." Crap's sake–you owe me a coffee and keyboard!

  30. Like merciless Army Generals of the past, the end justifies the means.

  31. It is called the boomerang opening by Carlsens team (since the pawn is thrown out to the side but comes back to haunt the opponent in the end game – just as a boomerang comes back for the "kill" after throwing it to the side). A plow would be something like an inverted V-shape. You are probably thinking (since to are showing the B-roll video) of a blade? Plows and blades are totally different.

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