The Most Underrated Chess Opening Part-3 | Tricks & Traps To WIN Fast

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This is a continuation of the “Most Underrated Chess Openngs” series by GM Igor Smirnov. In this video lesson, you will learn the Grob’s Attack, which starts with the unusual 1.g4.

The opening takes its name from Swiss International Master Henri Grob (1904–1974) who analysed it extensively and played hundreds of correspondence games with it.

A great thing about this opening is that the White’s first move 1.g4 is so rare that most of your opponents will be shocked to see it. Therefore, you get them out of their opening preparation giving you a great chance of winning the game!

Watch the video lesson and learn the typical ideas for White, most common traps that Black fall for, common responses of Black and how to exploit them.

► Chapters

00:00 Underrated Chess Opening: Grob’s Attack
00:38 Why 1.g4 – Ideas for White
01:46 Line-1: If Black plays 1…d5
03:26 Proof: 76% Win Rate
04:56 Black plays 3…e6 to support d5
06:51 Black plays 3…Be6 to support d5
08:30 Can you find the winning move?
08:49 Black’s best response
09:42 White’s aggressive response
10:57 Option-1: Solid approach
11:18 Option-2: Aggressive approach
12:02 Here is the TRICK…

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  1. Hello, everyone!
    what i don’t undersatnd is why after Qb3, black doesn’t do Qd7 protecting pawn, bishop and blocking the chess?

  2. This opening is crazy effective my king may seem exposed but sad enough he can’t be touched 😂 on the contrary I’m the one with traps and attacking moves , now works for me better than bishop’s opening. A short request if you may please make another video with more variations for example E5 pawn or Sicilian Defence etc.

  3. Please people atop learning cheap tricks and learn chess

  4. Why do you say at 4:54 that white wins and black should resign, what am I missing here?

  5. 8:43

    Push the pawn to D6. It reveals a discovery attack on the trapped rook. Black's only option is knight C6, to which you simply capture the knight. If he takes it with the bishop, then bishop takes C6 is a fork and white is completely winning.

  6. ► Chapters

    00:00 Underrated Chess Opening: Grob's Attack

    00:38 Why 1.g4 – Ideas for White

    01:46 Line-1: If Black plays 1…d5

    03:26 Proof: 76% Win Rate

    04:56 Black plays 3…e6 to support d5

    06:51 Black plays 3…Be6 to support d5

    08:30 Can you find the winning move?

    08:49 Black's best response

    09:42 White's aggressive response

    10:57 Option-1: Solid approach

    11:18 Option-2: Aggressive approach

    12:02 Here is the TRICK…

  7. Oh please stop those tricks-only videos for >1200 players. Many of us would like reviews of good opening lines that actually benefit a learning curve.

  8. I think, Black can avoid all these Tricks with 1.g4-e5 2.Bg2-h5 and is fine already. Regards

  9. 8:44 d6 Be6 dxc7 Qxc7 Qc3 Qxc3 Nxc3 , then we win the rook on a8

  10. d6 maybe as it opens an attack to the f7 pawn and if Be6 then dxc7 Bxb3 cxd8 Kxd8 and axb3 winning a piece and the game

  11. useless video, again…..stop it…this is all easily defended.

  12. Puzzle solution: d6. White cannot protect against both threats of checkmate(Qf7#) or rook being captured(Bxa8)

  13. You can’t rewind the video well ugh! I’m pretty sure he gave white two moves in row??!

  14. Lot of variations for both sides but looks like best for White to follow with
    8. d6 e6

    (8. … Be6 9. dxc7 Qxc7 10. Qc3 Nd5 11. Bxd5 Qxc3 12. Nxc3 Bxd5 13. Nxd5 {White is a piece up with advantage}

    9. Bxa8 cxd6

    10. Nxd7 Nbxd7

    11. Bg2 {White is a Rook up}

  15. My "comment your answer" guess: Nxf7, and if Kxf7 then d6 dis ch, which is simultaneously a discovered attack on the rook on a8.

  16. if the queen forks the king and bishop, why wouldn't they just move the bishop back to cover the check and attack the queen?

  17. I just wanted to put in writing how much i enjoy these lessons and videos. i really enjoy both your style and content (and MY cat).

    (it would always be nice to have some more replies to user questions though) kindest reagsrds and many thanks

  18. I don't want to be rude, but this works not for players >1600/1700 rating.
    It's not even hard to refute this opening because it violates many basic principles.
    Take the pawn, play c6, keep on developing in the center and play 4. …Nf6.
    White cannot take Qxb7, this will just lead to massive problems in development while black builds a massive center.

  19. Hermosa Apertura…Saludos desde Venezuela…GM

  20. I like it! I play the hungarian all the time and this looks like a fun alternative

  21. What a great video….but you know. You instructors show us all the bailout lines in case they they don't go for the bait. Bishop takes pawn but make some crazy other moves then suddenly wasting clock time using intuition for your next move,.still I'm still fascinated about this opening and it looks like the way you explained it one really can't go too far wrong..I guess I could actually see what stockfish says at different points thank you for the video

  22. Grob Simply loses. There is no win rate in that opening unless u r playing a noob. Its one of the 5 losing opening moves. Its a pawn down from opening. You are simply lost without much effort black can win. Its not a rare move its a blunder.

  23. Thats's a good trick, but anyway the problem is that from 10/9 people , only first move with knight, no Bishop…
    At least at the ~1500 ELO..

  24. Although you uploaded this video on 30 Mar, YouTube put it onto my feed on 1 Apr so of course I thought it was an April Fool! What is true, though, no fooling, is that 1 g4 is one of the worst and least recommendable White openings. It looks foolish and it really is. Black can just answer d5 and Nc6/Bxg4.

  25. Cute video. I have posted some new content if you have little time.

  26. 1.d6 forking on f7 checkmate and or winning the rook

  27. I would like to mention that "reversed" version 1…g5 has a good statistic results for black, when it is played against English opening (1.c4) and also against Réti opening (1.Nf3) as a gambit.
    I do not play these unusual opening lines, because i do not think that first move matters at all, but it is definetly an option.

  28. What happens if Black does not take White g4 after his d5?

  29. 90% of the time I’ve tried this opening my opponent has played D4 not E4

  30. 8:46 should be pawn d6 because it threatens mate it 1 and will guarantee you win the rook next move because it opens up the lines for your queen and bishop

  31. I think some ideas from pterodactyl defense on black can be applied on this opening for white, both involve bringing the king’s bishop and queen out very early as long range pieces that can threaten the other side of the board from move 2

  32. Again all these tricks are only good for beginners to intermediate. For advance levels like GM's, it doesn't work, you'll end up with a counter-attacks! If you get a wrong continuation & variations.

  33. I mean I love this and will try this for sure. But the whole video/strategy is based on black reacting wrongly. It's basically an opening trap. It work for blitz (even vs high ranked players) and even if it could be sound/playable I doubt after g4 and c4 (completely ruining future king position and giving up center) if black plays passive.. say.. g6 and fianchetto while maybe playing c5 or something without biting on trying to capture g4.. I just see it as a weakness. that being said ill for sure try this online in blitz and bullet

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