The Most Underrated Chess Opening Part-3 | Tricks & Traps To WIN Fast

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This is a continuation of the “Most Underrated Chess Openngs” series by GM Igor Smirnov. In this video lesson, you will learn the Grob’s Attack, which starts with the unusual 1.g4.

The opening takes its name from Swiss International Master Henri Grob (1904–1974) who analysed it extensively and played hundreds of correspondence games with it.

A great thing about this opening is that the White’s first move 1.g4 is so rare that most of your opponents will be shocked to see it. Therefore, you get them out of their opening preparation giving you a great chance of winning the game!

Watch the video lesson and learn the typical ideas for White, most common traps that Black fall for, common responses of Black and how to exploit them.

► Chapters

00:00 Underrated Chess Opening: Grob’s Attack
00:38 Why 1.g4 – Ideas for White
01:46 Line-1: If Black plays 1…d5
03:26 Proof: 76% Win Rate
04:56 Black plays 3…e6 to support d5
06:51 Black plays 3…Be6 to support d5
08:30 Can you find the winning move?
08:49 Black’s best response
09:42 White’s aggressive response
10:57 Option-1: Solid approach
11:18 Option-2: Aggressive approach
12:02 Here is the TRICK…

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  1. Sir the move is d6 because it attacks the rook on a8 and it double attacks th f7 pawn with the queen on b3 and knight on e5 threatening checkmate

  2. The first time I tried this opening my opponent played e5.😭😓

  3. Just play d6.
    It threatens the Rook while also threatening checkmate on f7.
    Black is completely doomed.
    As always,like Remote to Academy says,it's time for Black to resign.

  4. I'm a bit puzzled. "Time to resign" because of a captured bishop? I'm sure that's true on grandmaster level. Others will just attack the queen with the knight, and the game is not over, imho.

  5. 11:40 bs, my immediate natural reaction is rook to B8. Fuck the illusory danger to the king, we skewer enemy queen and knight. Queen retreats to A6 or C6, then flees further after rook or queen to B6… Give us all the best enemy options, not just ones that happen to be favorable for us.

  6. A GM will get so confused if you make a blunder so always make a blunder to make them confused- by me 😂😂😂

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