The Ponziani: Chess Openings

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The Ponziani is a fairly aggressive chess opening for white, starting with e4. There are tonnes of lines and variations, also with a few risky traps thrown in! While the opening isn’t as common in tournaments, it’s a great opening for beginner and intermediate players to really throw off your opponent!

As always, if there are any opening, tactics, endgames or anything else chess related that you would like to see, just let me know in the comments.


  1. thank you some much for covering this! i will try my best to win this tournament!

    Update on the tournament in case anyone's interested:

    had my first match a few days ago and i won:)

    i have my next match today 😬

  2. Nice vid mate.Maybe a video on the kings indian or nimzo indian defence would be great, thnx.

  3. Could you do the Fried Liver, Please?

  4. why dont you have more subs i see you doing really well in the future i like your enthusiasm 🙂 keep it up

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