The SECRET to Gain Chess Elo

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  1. I thought levy was flipping us off 💀💀

  2. Very nice of you to be so friendly towards the 500 rated player. Respect

  3. He casually flipped us off in the thumbnail

  4. 10:55 Gotham not trying to be mean but black can trade queen if he played d4

  5. You do understand this isnt just about chess but going beyond everything that compromises of human mind. You are a philospher,guide,teacher,guru,master and therapist by default.
    Can u do please do a hippo ratings climb please.

  6. bro i thought the thumbnail was you flipping us off 💀

  7. this is a great Lesson Thanks Gthamchess !

  8. I thought Levy was abusing us in the thumbnail

  9. Me getting yelled at for trying to learn chess

  10. why is this man pointing the middle finger at me in his title

  11. Yes I love this kinda content and BTW how can I send you a game of mine I want to know some of my mistakes
    Thx again for the content

  12. I love these ideas. More instructional content please.

  13. i think the thumbnail was middle finger

  14. it was useful, i just started chess and i manage to beat computer and players of 1700s because of your videos, i guessed all moves correctly in your propositions thanks for your videos

  15. Thank you sir for this interactive video lesson iam your subscriber and love to watch your lessons, your lessons really made me better than before, I am little confused with my level like you said beginners hung their pieces, well sometimes I do hung them but sometimes I play really strong positional chess, unfortunately when you said in video that "think what your opponent wants" , I was able to find correct solution of only one puzzle and not others. But I really do believe your videos can help me learn more and get better.
    Respect from India

  16. Thx sooo much levy ur a great teacher, i stayed for the whole vid, and ill try changing my whole chess mindset, hopefully it works 😀
    Thx again!!!!

  17. gothamchess is a legend , American who knows flags

  18. Why are you flipping me off in the thumbnail 😢😢😢

  19. * Starts pulling up spreadsheets
    "I don't want you to throw this on in the background"
    * promptly closes out spreadsheets

  20. The best way to gain elo is to delete chess off the planet. They are better off as chopping board.

  21. Thank you Levy, I saw none of these moves/ideas because I suck but thank you for the lesson all the same.

  22. This was such a helpful video! Thanks for sharing gotham!

  23. I’m still here, Levy and was pausing along and trying to pick the best moves. You are never background noise in my house when I’m in front of my chess board and iPad! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for your new book in October.

  24. This is the no.1 video for me… I've been stuck on 600 and I didn't know what to do. Thanks Gotham

  25. I clicked on this video BC I was offended by the hand 😂😂😂

  26. Bro why were you flipping us off in the thumbnail bruh…💀💀💀

  27. New word learnt:
    Vexillology. (Btw Gotham it's not Vexology)
    = Study of flags

  28. This is definitely a concept easily forgotten to take into account. Everyone likes to say, “I always look at every piece on the board,” and while that’s true, it isn’t the same thing as asking this question. Very insightful. Thank you. 🤘🏻

  29. the thumbnail was the middle finger

  30. Thanks levy for this video I feel I am more stronger now

  31. How can we practise thinking what our opponent think? Is there specific puzzle or something else?

  32. Im with 2700 and gm has 2600 why ?,,,,you see the game

  33. Why's no one talking about how the thumbnail gives you a middle finger

  34. Wait, did Ludwig teach Levy his ventriloquism trick?

  35. look like he flippin the bird in the thumbnail

  36. Why r u flipping me off levy im unsucbscribing now and crying and screaming and vomitting

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